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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 806

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 806

“Shaunic, I miss you so badly.” Sarah nestled in Shaun’s arms, her tears wetting his shirt. “I’ve been reflecting on myself these days. I was too silly and foolish. I swear that I won’t wrong you anymore. Come back to me. I really miss you.”

Shaun narrowed his eyes and carried her to the bed. After that, he turned around and said to the doctor outside, “Come in and treat her.”

“No. If you don’t promise me, I won’t get treated. ” Sarah struggled in agitation.

At the sight of her expression, Shaun’s eyes flashed with annoyance. His handsome face slowly revealed a sense of sternness. “Enough. Stop using your body to threaten me.”

He had no idea why Sarah had become so impudent and unreasonable. She was even threatening him now, which was the tactic he hated most.

It was his first time using such a grim tone to speak to Sarah. After being dazed for a moment, she began to weep more. “I hate to behave like this too. I hate what kind of a person I am now, but what can I do? Do I just allow myself to lose you? I can’t bring myself to do it.”

“Sarah, why can’t we just separate without holding grudges?”

Shaun was not touched at all. Instead, he felt a wave of tiredness sweeping over him. “Your legs belong t o you. Even if you’re crippled in the future, I won’t take responsibility for it because I wasn’t the one who pushed you down the stairs.”

Sarah looked at his handsome face incredulously. H e had always been gentle and tolerant. Based on the remark he made tonight, she had a totally different impression of him.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you can’t provoke Miss Neeson anymore. ” Yael became anxious. “Have you forgotten that Miss Neeson was the one who cured your illness? If it hadn’t been for Miss Neeson being in the same mental hospital as you, you wouldn’t have been bold enough to get back up on your feet.”

“That was why I decided to marry her, yet she was the one who did those things, ” Shaun said grumpily, “Now, I’ve become the laughing stock among everyone in Canberra. When someone exposed me as a cuckold during our wedding, I endured it and forgave you. But why won’t you let me go? If it hadn’t been for Lucifer’s death, you would’ve carried on doing those bad deeds with him. Sarah, don’t treat me as a fool.”

At that instant, Sarah’s face turned ghastly. “I wouldn’t, Shaunic. Don’t think of me so negatively.”

She suddenly threw the blanket on the floor like a madwoman and wept bitterly. “Why are you

making me out to be this way? Being forced upon b y a disgusting man again and again was miserable for me too.”

“Miss Neeson, don’t move around. Your legs are injured.”

Yael urged Shaun restlessly, “Eldest Young Master Hill, soften your tone and advise her. If she continues to behave like this, her legs might really be crippled.”

Looking at Sarah’s hysterical expression, he felt so weak that his head began to hurt.

He turned around and said to the hospital staff, “ Just press her down and tie her up to bandage her injuries first.”

The hospital staff looked at each other for a while. Then, they followed his instructions and pressed Sarah on the bed.

Sarah, who had only pretended to lose control, never expected Shaun to be so cruel. She thought that he would calm her. Now that he was asking the staff to tie her up, she was so furious that she kept kicking. She even injured a hospital staff member with her kick.

Shaun went to her and held one of her legs so that the doctor could apply medicine to her injuries.

However, once the doctor was done applying the medicine, Sarah took off the bandage. She said amid her sobs, “No. Without you, I’d rather be crippled. ”

After being provoked over and over again, Shaun flew into a rage. “Go ahead and be a cripple, then. I don’t f*cking need to take responsibility for your life.”

“Shaun, is this what a human would say?”

Rodney, who had rushed over, happened to hear Shaun’s words and lost his temper right away.

“She’s your woman! She’s your fiancée! You have to take responsibility for her.” Rodney pulled Shaun aside. Feeling devastated, he pointed at Sarah on the bed who was badly injured. “Have you forgotten that you promised to take care of her? And this is how you hurt her.”

“How did I hurt her?”

Shaun’s impatience had reached its limits. “Rodney Snow, you’re not me. You know nothing.”

“All I know is that if you don’t marry Sarah, her reputation will be ruined forever,” Rodney responded angrily, “She loves you. Do you think she did all those things on purpose? She’s a victim. What’s more, you’re still involved with Catherine, but did she criticize you? What gives you the right to criticize her?”

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