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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 805

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 805

Zion Residence.

Once Shaun saw the kiss emoji, he felt a surge of excitement inside him. His Adam’s apple bobbed, causing him discomfort for some inexplicable reason.

He lay down, imagining Catherine kissing him.

At that moment, he suddenly sat up on the bed and messaged Catherine four words: [I want it tomorrow.] Then, he ran to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

He had never been aroused by Sarah despite being with her for a long time. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that a simple emoji from Catherine would make him burn with excitement. He gave a bitter laugh.

When he came out of the bathroom, his phone rang again.

Yael called him. “Eldest Young Master Hill, aren’t you coming? Miss Neeson is crying in the hospital. She refuses to get bandaged.”

Shaun was somehow annoyed. “ It’s her body, not mine! ”

Yael panicked when he screamed at her. “But Miss Neeson really needs you now, Eldest Young Master Hill. These days when you haven’t been around, she hasn’t been able to eat or sleep well. Because of that, she was absent-minded and fell from the stairs during the blackout tonight. The doctor said that her legs are injured. If she doesn’t get them treated right away, she might be disabled in the future.”

Yael’s words felt like a huge weight on Shaun’s mind.

For the first time, he did not feel a twinge of guilt. Instead, he felt exhausted.

As Catherine had said, he had merely been in a relationship with Sarah.

Why did it feel as if he had to take responsibility for her entire life?

“Okay, I’ll come over, ” he whispered after some time.

In the hospital, Yael immediately told Sarah about it. Sarah was excited. She knew that Shaun would come eventually.

Sarah was upset and mad at him when he did not come after Yael called him the first time. However, she was glad that Yael managed to call him over at last.

The moment he appeared, there would be reporters taking photos of them. Then, everyone in Australia would know that something had happened to her and Shaun was the first one who anxiously rushed t o the hospital to see her.

Ha! She could already imagine Catherine’s indignant expression tomorrow.

Catherine was trying to snatch her man. Nevertheless, once Sarah gave an order, Shaun would dump Catherine mercilessly.

20 minutes later.

When Sarah saw Shaun in the hospital, she quickly lay on the bed and feigned a tearful, disappointed look.

In order to win Shaun’s sympathy, Sarah had ruthlessly fallen from the stairs today. Her forehead, legs, and arms were injured. She looked extremely pitiful.

“Shaunic, you’re finally here. I thought I’d never get to see you again.”

The second Sarah saw him, she started to weep bitterly. She stretched out her hands and fell into his arms.

Shaun could not help but hold her, or she would fall from the bed.

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