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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 802

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 802

Shaun’s expression changed. “Go and call the ambulance to send Sarah to the hospital. I’m coming back now.”

Upon ending the call, he pressed on the accelerator as far as it would go and soon arrived at the entrance of Hackett Institute. “I’ll leave Suzie with you here tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll come and pick her up in the morning.”

At this point, Suzie had already fallen asleep in Catherine’s arms.

Catherine narrowed her eyes. When she gazed at Suzie’s pure and sweet appearance, her heart suddenly ached.

Just now, this little kid had actually said that her scummy dad was quite nice, so she wanted Catherine to get back together with him.

Nevertheless, he was now abandoning them without hesitation to meet another woman.

“Now that she’s so heavy, do you think I can carry her upstairs from the entrance of this neighborhood alone?” Catherine gave a sarcastic laugh.

Shaun was stunned and answered without a second thought, “I’ll carry her upstairs, then.”

“ Shaun, why are you rushing to leave? You’re not even bothered about your niece. Is it because something has happened to Sarah?”

All of a sudden, Catherine fixed her eyes on him. In fact, she had heard some parts of the conversation when he was on the phone.

Shaun gulped, knowing that he should lie to her. However, at the sight of her dark yet clear eyes, he was at a loss for words. A moment later, he could not help but explain, “There was a blackout in the villa. Perhaps Sarah couldn’t see in the dark, so she fell when going down the stairs…”

“Has someone called the ambulance to send her to the hospital?” Catherine asked sharply.

“Yael has called the ambulance…”

“So why are you rushing there? Are you a doctor? Or her boyfriend? Her husband?” Upon hearing Catherine’s words, Shaun began to look awkward.

“ She… She’s badly injured…” Only after some time did he force the sentence out of his mouth.

Catherine laughed as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Shaun, in the end, you’re still worried about her. You feel that you have a responsibility toward her. You still have feelings for her, regardless of whether you treat her as a family member, lover, or someone you feel sorry for.

You’ve naturally and subconsciously made her your top priority.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Catherine. ” Shaun’s hands that were holding the steering wheel froze.

“There’s someone by her side now, and what’s more, you told me it’s impossible for you guys to get married. So why do you have to hurry there?” Catherine forced a smile. “Shaun, if you insist on behaving this way, I’d advise you to stop looking for me. It’s better for you to be with Sarah. You really don’t have to make me suffer and treat me unfairly.”

“I’m just going to visit her for a short while. You’re overstating things. ” Shaun’s brows furrowed. “I’m very sure that you’re the one I like.”

“You like me, but you’ll immediately go to Sarah once something happens to her. So if she falls sick and catches a cold, or if something happens to her family, are you going to worry about it and take responsibility for those things as well?”

Catherine knew that Sarah would do such things.

She also knew that Sarah would get herself hurt just to win Shaun’s sympathy.

Clearly, Sarah had fallen from the stairs during a blackout with the sole intention of having Shaun go over there.

Nevertheless, Catherine would not let her have things her own way.

She would not let Shaun head there tonight.

“Shaun, if you still feel guilty for what happened to her, then continue taking responsibility for her.

Even though she has done something wrong, you still put up with her. You can’t possibly be in a relationship with me and take care of Sarah at the same time. If you continue acting this way, I’ll start looking down on you.”

Catherine lifted her head like an arrogant white swan, her eyes heavy with determination. “I want you to know that if you don’t let Sarah go and continue to look after her secretly, she’ll think that she stands a chance at getting back together with you. If this is the case, any man who’s interested in her won’t be able to approach and pursue her. You can’t stop her from marrying another man when you don’t want to marry her, right?”

Shaun’s thin lips twitched. “Of course not. I… hope that she’ll be happy as well.” “Exactly. You don’t have to feel so guilty, actually. After all, you were only in a relationship with Sarah. You didn’t make her go through an abortion or suffer a miscarriage for your sake either. You’ve even helped Thomas by preventing him from being sent to jail several times, and you’ve also always defended Neeson Corporation. As for why you guys didn’t end up getting married to each other, I think you know the answer better than anyone else.”

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