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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 801

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 801

Catherine rubbed her forehead. “There’s not enough space in my house to put all these clothes…”

“Leave them in Zion Residence, then. When you come over to stay, you won’t have to bring your clothes,” Shaun replied in a self-righteous manner as if… the two of them were in an official relationship.

Catherine was absolutely speechless at the sight of his shameless expression. “May I know why I should stay there?”

“If you don’t come and stay in my place, whose place are you planning to stay in? I won’t allow you to stay in any other men’s houses, ” Shaun said in a domineering and provocative way.

Nevertheless, Catherine did not have the energy to argue with him anymore.

Since he wanted to spend money on her, she would let him be. Anyway, she was the one who would decide whether or not to stay in his place.

Just like that, Shaun ended up buying over 1oo sets of clothes for Catherine, who initially just wanted to get a pair of jeans.

Shaun wrote the address of Zion Residence in the form to send some of the clothes there. Then, he helped Catherine carry the others back home.

When the three of them went down the elevator, Joanne, who was shopping, caught sight of them. She immediately took a photo of them and sent it to Sarah through WhatsApp. [Sarah, what’s going on between you and Shaun? I just saw him shopping with Catherine. They even bought many clothes.]

Honestly, Joanne had previously admired Sarah for being Young Master Hill’s fiancée. She had spent a lot of time and effort flattering Sarah. Little did she expect that in the end… Tsk.

Everyone knew that Sarah would have no one to rely on without Shaun, considering that she was merely a psychologist. She would only be needed when there was a mentally ill patient.

The second Sarah saw the photo, she flew into a rage in the seaside villa.

These days, Shaun had been ignoring her calls and messages. Even the security guard at his office would stop her from entering.

It seemed as if she had been completely dumped.

Sarah was under the impression that Shaun was still holding a grudge against her, but she did not expect that he would go to look for Catherine. He was even accompanying her to shop for clothes.

With the two of them bringing along the kid, they looked exactly like a family.

What was worse, she could count the number of times Shaun had shopped with her using the fingers of one hand.

She nearly went mad.

No way! She had to stop Shaun from behaving this way!

A hint of resentment flashed across her eyes. She opened the door and called Yael over.

On his way back to Hackett Institute.

Shaun’s phone rang all of a sudden. When he took it out and looked at it, he realized that it was an incoming call from Sarah.

Frowning, he pressed the mute button before he tossed the phone aside.

Catherine, who was carrying Suzie in the rear seat,

remained impassive while watching this.

Shortly after, his phone rang again. It was Yael who called him this time.

Yael usually did not call him.

Therefore, Shaun swiftly answered the call. “ What’s the matter?”

“Oh no, Young Master Hill! The electricity in the seaside villa suddenly went out earlier. When Miss Neeson walked downstairs, she missed her footing and accidentally rolled down the stairs. She’s injured… and bleeding a lot, ” Yael said anxiously.

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