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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 800

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 800

Suzie nodded, assuming that what Shaun said was true.

Catherine was speechless. All of a sudden, she noticed that Shaun’s hand was placed at the back of her seat.

She glared at him, yet he said with a straight face, “ My shoulder hurts, so I’m stretching my arm.”

Catherine turned her eyes to the screen as she could not be bothered about him.

However, the animated movies for kids were really very boring. Only Suzie was engrossed in the movie.

Catherine lowered her head. She switched on her phone to play some games.

After Shaun glanced at her account and region, his hand landed on her shoulder. As she was wearing a thin silk dress, he could feel her delicate and soft shoulder blade.

“ Shaun…” Catherine looked up and glared at him.

Shaun withdrew his touch embarrassedly. Then, he took the cup of grapefruit juice that was placed between them and sipped on it.

“That’s mine.” Annoyed, Catherine took a deep breath.

“It doesn’t matter,” Shaun moved closer to her and whispered into her ear. His masculine breathing made her itchy and numb. “We’ve tasted each other’s saliva anyway.”

Catherine pinched his thigh mercilessly.

How dare this damn hooligan make such a shameless remark?!

If the theater was not this dark, he could definitely see her flushed face at this point.

She did not feel like having the drink anymore now that he had drunk from it.

Nevertheless, she needed to quench her thirst very badly. She had no choice but to share the juice with him.

During the movie, Shaun got up and headed to the restroom. When Catherine asked Suzie whether she wanted to go to the restroom, she shook her head and said no. However, when Catherine carried her, she felt some warm urine flowing out from Suzie that wet her pants.

Catherine’s face darkened. If they were not outside right now, she would have spanked her.

“Sorry, Mommy. ” Suzie was aware of the terrible thing she had just done. With tears welled in her eyes, she almost began to weep.

“Why did you say no when I asked you whether you wanted to pee?”

“I didn’t want to miss the movie, and I thought I could hold it, ” Suzie answered weakly.

At a loss for words, Catherine let out a sigh. “Fine. Stop watching the movie. You have to get changed. Otherwise, you’ll catch a cold.”

She carried Suzie and walked out. Shaun, who was walking out of the restroom, happened to notice the wet spot on Catherine’s dress where her thigh was.

“ Suzie peed on me. I have to get her a new set of clothes so that she won’t catch a cold, ” Catherine explained.

Fortunately, there was a shopping mall below the theater. Catherine soon bought a new set of clothes for Suzie to get changed into. She bought herself

new clothes at a women’s clothing store and got changed as well.

Since she had a great figure, any pants would look good on her.

The store assistant beside her praised, “ Sir, your wife has such a great figure, and she also looks pretty. She’s just like a model no matter what pants she wears.”

Shaun smiled. The word ‘wife’ had never sounded so wonderful to him.

“Bring out all the clothes in her size.” He handed a black card to the store assistant straight away.

The store assistant was taken aback. What a wealthy man he was!

By the time Catherine walked out in a pair of new jeans, the shop assistant was already packing the clothes. “Miss, your husband is buying all the clothes in this store in your size. How blessed you are! ”

Catherine shifted her gaze to Shaun while her lips twitched. “Why are you buying so many clothes?”

“You look good in them.” Shaun smiled.

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