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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 799

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 799

“Aunty Cathy, do you know what’s this sweet stuff? That way, I can feel the sweetness in my heart next time too.” Suzie looked at Catherine in confusion.

“I have no idea. I’m not as knowledgeable, sentimental, and unfaithful as Uncle Shaun,” Catherine teased him before she lowered her head and continued eating the steak pizza.

Shaun took a glass of water and sipped it sulkily. When was he unfaithful?

As the head of the Hill family, apart from Catherine, he had only been in a relationship with Sarah in his life. What was more, he had only ever been intimate with Catherine.

After finishing the meal, the three of them headed to the theater.

Shaun was carrying Suzie on his shoulder, while Catherine was holding Suzie’s jacket.

To other kids, the three of them looked like a family.

When they were waiting outside the theater’s lobby, a lot of kids were standing there. Some came with either their fathers or mothers. They all looked at Suzie admiringly.

“Mommy, that little girl is fortunate to have both her dad and mom accompany her.”

“Darling, your dad has no choice but to work overtime to make more money.”

“How I wish both my dad and mom could accompany me. By the way, her dad is handsome and her mom is pretty.”

Upon hearing those words, Suzie raised her head with a smug expression.

At the sight of Suzie’s expression, Catherine smiled gently but felt upset at the same time.

Suzie had also used to admire kids for having both their parents accompanying them when she was abroad. This was also precisely why Catherine could not bear to reject Suzie’s request to watch Brother Bear.

Lucas suddenly crossed her mind. It had been several days since she last visited Lucas as Shaun had been spending time with her recently. Lucas was mature, so mature that she took pity on him.

“Why are you spacing out?” Shaun gripped Catherine’s hand out of the blue and stared intently at her. “What do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it.”

“I want… I want popcorn, ” Suzie said first.

“Do you think that I’m a foodie like you guys?” Catherine mumbled, but Shaun heard it anyway.

Shaun replied seriously, “I’m not a foodie. I just like your cooking.”

“So do I. Aunty Cathy’s cooking is the best in the world.” Suzie went along with it.

At the sight of how Shaun and Suzie were similar in appearance, Catherine’s gaze turned gentle. “I

want a cup of grapefruit juice.”

After passing Suzie to Catherine, Shaun turned around and went to buy grapefruit juice.

Nestled in Catherine’s arms, Suzie suddenly whispered, “Mommy, is my scummy daddy… trying to pursue you?”

“You know nothing, you brat. ” Catherine pinched the tip of Suzie’s nose.

“Mommy, I feel that… scummy Daddy is quite nice.” Suzie fixed a pitiful gaze on him. “Why don’t

you guys just… get together?”

Catherine was momentarily stunned. In fact, she had noticed earlier that Suzie had the intention of setting her up with Shaun. Although Suzie hoped for that to happen, could Catherine forget about the harm Shaun had caused her for Suzie’s sake? “ It’s not as simple as you think. Sarah won’t let things go easily, and your scummy dad might dump us anytime for her.”

Little did Suzie know that if it had not been for Liam and Hadley’s help, she and Lucas would have lost their lives.

Catherine would never forget that suffering and humiliation.

“Really? If that’s how he is, I won’t forgive him anymore, ” Suzie responded with a pout.

Shaun soon returned with some food. Then, the three of them walked into the theater together.

Suzie was seated between Shaun and Catherine. However, Shaun felt that he was too far away from Catherine, so he placed Suzie on his lap and took her seat instead. “ Suzie, I’ll let you sit on my lap, okay? The tall man in front of you is blocking you, so you won’t be able to see the screen. ”

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