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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 798

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 798

Shaun, who was seated in the driver’s seat, looked somber. To his surprise, Catherine came down straight away without asking any questions when she thought it was Liam here to meet her.

He wanted Catherine to break these bad habits one day. He wanted to let her know that she needed to keep a distance from her brother-in-law.

Shortly after, Catherine appeared in front of Shaun and Suzie.

Suzie rolled down the window and waved at her excitedly.

Catherine immediately walked toward the car. Within seconds, Shaun got out and opened the rear door. “We’re going to accompany Suzie to watch a movie.”

“I…” Catherine’s lips twitched.

Shaun switched on his phone and showed her the tickets. “I’ve bought your ticket, and it’s non- refundable.”

Catherine was speechless after darting a glance at it. “You’re bringing me to watch Brother Bear?”

“Aunty Cathy, I’m the one who suggested this movie.” Suzie lifted her head sympathetically and gazed at Catherine. “I’ve never stepped into a movie theater in my life.”

Catherine felt helpless. Did she have a choice to not bring Suzie to the theater? Given that kids typically watched kids’ movies, she did not feel like watching Brother Bear with Suzie for two whole hours. She just found it miserable.

“You little liar.” Catherine pulled on Suzie’s ear.

Suzie said in an aggrieved manner, “Sorry. If I didn’t tell you that I was with Daddy, you wouldn’t have come down.”

“I knew earlier that you were lying,” Catherine said in annoyance.

Shaun’s eyes glowed and he stared at Catherine with mixed feelings. “This means that… you came down not because of Liam?”

Catherine glowered at him with her large eyes, and she seemed furious. Nevertheless, the scene made them look like a couple arguing.

Shaun’s lips curled as he watched her get furious. Nevertheless, he found her quite adorable, and he

somehow felt like giving her a kiss.

Because of Suzie, Shaun eventually took them to a child-friendly restaurant.

The three of them had steak pizza.

Shaun felt that the taste of the pizza was average and not as delicious as Catherine’s cooking. He stopped eating after a few bites.

Suzie blinked and said, “Uncle Shaun, you didn’t finish your food. What a waste! Also, you’ll soon get hungry.”

“It’s fine. I still have some leftovers at home, so I can go home and eat,” Shaun said as he gazed at Catherine gently.

Catherine almost choked on her drink. When she looked up and met his eyes, her pretty face flushed slightly, looking just like the tender rose on the table.

Shaun was inwardly filled with joy at the sight of her expression. His heart thumped like how a male protagonist in novels would. He had never felt this way even when he was in a relationship with Sarah during college. He had never expected himself to be acting like a muddle-headed young man at this moment.

“What? You have leftovers from last night’s meal?” Suzie found it unbelievable. “That’s not good. The food has been kept for too long. I heard eating too much leftovers is bad for your health.”

“You don’t understand. The leftovers are sweet. ” Shaun continued to fix his eyes on the woman opposite her.

Suzie nodded. “You’re referring to the pork ribs, right?”

“It’s not just the pork ribs. There’s something sweet in it that you don’t know.” Shaun gave a faint smile. “When the sweet taste goes into my body, I’ll feel the sweetness in my heart too.”

“Cough, cough.” Catherine could not take it anymore.

He used to behave like this previously as well. Every time Shaun, that arrogant, harsh, and cruel man, said something lovey-dovey, she would get goosebumps.

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