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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 797

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 797

Shaun swiftly contacted the principal and asked for Lucas’ information.

Lucas’ full name was Lucas Yule. His father was Sheldon Yule, whereas his mother was Sabrina Winton. To Shaun’s distress, Lucas was actually one and a half years younger than Suzie.

“Are you sure that Lucas is only two years and two months old?” Shaun frowned deeply, wondering why Lucas looked older than Suzie.

“Yes. That kid is quite tall, probably because his parents are tall. This kind of situation is common here.”

The principal smiled and said, “Initially, we didn’t want to accept him as he’s too young. But ultimately, we accepted him since his parents are from the Yule family and they pulled some strings with us.”

“The Yule family?”

Shaun was struck by an idea. After walking out of the principal’s office, he immediately asked a Liona

member to investigate the Yule family. Soon, he received some news. “Young Master Hill, someone called Sheldon Yule does exist in the Yule family. He’s Joel’s cousin. Even though he’s been married for years, Sheldon doesn’t have a son. A while ago, his ex-lover brought a two-year-old boy back.

“Sheldon heard the boy was his child, so he promptly did a DNA test. It proved that Lucas is his biological son. Now, Sheldon and his lover treat Lucas as their beloved kid. Because of that, his wife i s so pissed that she always argues with him.”

“Send me Sheldon’s photo. I want to have a look at him.”

Less than a minute after he gave his order, Shaun received Sheldon’s photo. He noticed that Sheldon and Joel looked quite alike.

Considering that Catherine looked like Joel, it was not surprising that Lucas resembled Catherine.

Shaun lit a cigarette and felt as if his body had suddenly fallen from the sky to the ground.

Indeed, he was out of his mind just now. He actually suspected that Lucas and Suzie were the twins that Catherine had been pregnant with.

Perhaps Catherine did not have a miscarriage back then. It could be that Liam bribed the hospital staff to tell him that Catherine was dead and she had a miscarriage.

However, he had forgotten the amount of pain and blood loss Catherine suffered when he drove her to the hospital back then.

How could the twins possibly be alive? He felt as if he was insane.

“Uncle Shaun, Granny said you should smoke less.

Smoking isn’t good for the body.”

Suzie, who was carrying her school bag, appeared in front of him. With the sunlight shining on her pink cheeks, she looked like a pretty doll.

Despite feeling a sharp pain deep inside him, he forced a smile. “Why are you out?”

“Classes are almost over. My teacher let me out since you’re already outside.” Suzie tilted her head and asked, “Uncle Shaun, you seem… a little sad.”

“Mm. I was thinking about something, something that… I can never forgive myself for.” Shaun rose to his feet and touched her head. “Let’s ask Aunty Cathy to join us for a movie, okay?”

“Huh?” Suzie was dazed for a moment. “But… But I’m still young. I can only watch animated movies

“ .. Let’s watch an animated movie, then, ” Shaun replied reluctantly.

“Yay. Let’s watch Brother Bear.” Shaun was speechless.

He felt like taking back what he had just said.

Shortly after, he arrived at Hudson Corporation. Suzie then called Catherine. “Aunty Cathy, I’m waiting for you downstairs with Daddy. Come down now, okay?” 1

The minute Catherine heard Suzie addressing her as ‘Aunty Cathy’, she was sure that it was not Liam who brought her here. When Suzie was with Liam, she would always call Catherine ‘Mommy’.

Now, this little girl was getting better at deceiving people. She always favored strangers over her own mother.

Catherine sighed and answered, “Alright. I’m coming down.”

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