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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 795

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 795

Shaun snorted coldly. “That goes without saying.”

Hadley’s heart leaped to his chest. He wanted nothing more than to disappear. He could not understand. He was not the only one who had been gossiping. Why was the president only bothering him?

“Then answer this question for me.” Shaun knocked on the desk and said in a deep tone, “

Catherine… Why did she get angry and leave? Did I really do something wrong? What should I do now?”

Hadley realized that the person was Ms. Jones. Gee, Ms. Jones was really pitiful. Why did she run? If he were a woman, he would run too.

“President Hill, with all due respect, at present… you should be at the courting stage, right?” Hadley asked carefully.

Shaun scoffed and glanced at him. “Do I have to court her? You should know better than anyone what she thinks of me. She has liked me for a long time, but I hurt her in the past and made her feel uncomfortable. However, I’m lowering myself for her.”

Hadley laughed dryly. Shaun was a mighty president, so Hadley could not call him out. “ President Hill, whether the two of you are in love or not, women should be spoiled. How can you call a woman home and ask her to cook for you? Then, you even asked her to do the dishes. You’re looking for a woman, not finding a qualified housekeeper. Women should be doted on. You should be the one cooking and washing the dishes, making her happy. With the way you’re acting, you’ll only make Ms. Jones feel like she’s with you just to be your nanny. Any woman would be uncomfortable.”

“ Sarah isn’t like that. ” Shaun could not help but say.

Hadley was speechless. If Sarah was not like that, then why did he not go to Sarah instead? However, Hadley still pretended to be surprised and said, “ Has Ms. Neeson done the dishes before? It seems that it’s usually Aunty Zara who does the work.”

Shaun was stunned.

It was true. Although Sarah occasionally cooked,

the cleaning up was usually done by Aunty Zara or Yael. There were maids at home to wash the clothes and clean the house.

Hadley sighed. “President Hill, you should get this straight. Women are to be doted on. Don’t you have a lot of servants and nannies?”

“But I like her cooking,” Shaun said in annoyance.

“Then you can learn to wash the dishes yourself. She’ll cook, and you’ll do the dishes. This is actually a kind of simple happiness for many couples… You can learn from how Young Master Stringer courted her.”

“Why do I need to learn from him?” Shaun sneered disdainfully, “How can Isaac Stringer compare to me?”

From head to toe, there was nothing Isaac had that was comparable to him.

“I misspoke. I’ve spoken too much.” Hadley immediately slapped his own mouth. “Compared to you, Isaac is like the dirt on your shoes.”

Shaun gripped his fountain pen in annoyance. A moment later, he let go of it and said in a cold voice, “Go buy a car full of pink flowers and send them to Hudson Corporation.”

Hadley sweated. The man just said he would not learn from Isaac, but he ate his own words in the blink of an eye.


Hadley answered respectfully and went out to book flowers for delivery.

He was really pleased to be able to see how Eldest Young Master Hill and Ms. Jones were progressing. Although the Eldest Young Master Hill’s hypnosis could not be lifted, it did not prevent him from falling in love with Catherine again.

Hudson Corporation.

Catherine had just returned to her office after a meeting and suddenly found that it was filled with pink roses. She felt like she had fallen into a sea of roses.

Her mouth twitched as she turned to ask Harvey, “ Who sent these?”

As soon as she spoke, her phone rang. It was from a n unknown number, so she answered it. Shaun’s low and gentle voice sounded. “Do you like the flowers I sent?”

Catherine rubbed her forehead and mocked, “Why did you send me so many flowers? Do you want me to cook and wash the dishes for you again?”

“It’s an apology, ” Shaun said in a low voice, “I shouldn’t have asked you to wash the dishes last night, and I shouldn’t have let you do the cooking. ”

“Don’t ridicule me. You’re Eldest Young Master Hill. Cooking for you is my honor, ” Catherine gritted her teeth and said in a gloomy voice.

“I’ll cook for you tonight, okay?” Shaun coaxed gently. “I’ll wash the dishes as well.”

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