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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 793

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 793

Shaun’s eyebrows lowered instantly. Seeing Catherine open the door and about to leave, he strode over and grabbed her arm. “If you don’t want to wash the dishes, then don’t wash them. Just say it—”

“ Shaun Hill, that’s enough. You brought us out of the Snow family tonight, so I cooked for two hours and paid you off for the favor. Besides, I saved you yesterday. It’s my fault for being kind-hearted.”

Catherine sneered, “Don’t look for me in the future. I don’t want to painstakingly cook for you and end up being responsible for washing the dishes and cleaning up after you too. I suggest that you call

this number if you need something in the future. ”

She took out her phone and pulled up a contact for him to see.

Shaun saw that the number was saved as ‘Housekeeping Agency’.

His handsome face suddenly darkened.

Catherine reminded sincerely, “Don’t think that all

housekeepers are aunties. There are some who are young and unmarried. You can pick any one of them if you see that they’re suitable for you.”

Then, she slammed the door and left.

It was as if it was too annoying for her to look at him.

Shaun’s chest surged with anger. By the time he chased after her, her figure had disappeared.

He returned home and saw the table full of dishes and utensils. He felt depressed.

He had just asked her to do the dishes. Was there a need to get so agitated? If she did not want to wash them, then she should have just said so. It was not like he was forcing her to do the dishes.

He took out his phone and subconsciously wanted to call Chester for advice, but he soon stopped.

Chester and Sarah were also friends. If Chester found out that he liked Catherine, he would definitely start nagging again.

He thought about it and went online to ask: [I invited the girl I like home to cook, but when I asked her to do the dishes, she got angry and left. Is it my fault or is the woman too narrow-minded?]

Less than half an hour after he posted it, the comments section exploded.

[Oh my God, I can’t believe someone actually asked this question. How unlucky must that woman be to be liked by a guy like this?]

[You have a lot of nerve to ask if that woman is narrow-minded! How narrow-minded can you be?]

[Friend, as a man, I’m kindly telling you this with confidence: You won’t be able to find a girlfriend like this.]

[I think you shouldn’t find a girlfriend. Just get a housekeeper.]

[If I were that woman, not only would I run, I’d blacklist you too.]

Shaun was so angry he felt like he was about to explode.

These netizens were out of their minds. What did they mean he was narrow-minded? What did they mean he could not get a girlfriend? He had always been chased after by all kinds of women.

He was annoyed and deleted the post. He must have gone crazy to ask such a senseless question online.

After deleting it, he found Catherine’s number and called her. However, what answered him was an automated female voice saying, “The number you have dialed is unavailable.”

He then tried again a minute later but got the same response.

Five minutes later, it was still the same.

Half an hour later, he was sure that he had indeed been… blocked. F*ck.

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