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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 792

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 792

Catherine’s temples throbbed.

Damn it! From the beginning till the end, Shaun only treated her like a chef. How did she fall in love with a b*stard like him before?

Forget it. She would endure it for the sake of her plan.

She closed her eyes and put on the apron before going to the kitchen to cook.

Shaun sat in the living room watching TV. He looked back occasionally and saw the busy figure in the kitchen. His heart felt warm.

Previously when he was alone here, he had felt that the place was empty and that something was missing. Now, he realized that it was missing a woman.

He had never experienced this kind of feeling even when living at the seaside villa. Even though Sarah and Aunty Zara were there, he had never felt this way before.

Catherine spent an hour and a half before she was finally done cooking the ribs and meat. She was so tired that her hands were numb and her stomach was growling.

Shaun looked over and found that she had cooked a bowl of sweet and sour pork ribs, a plate of roasted pork, and a bowl of sparerib stew. The rest were pork chop and peppers, as well as stir-fried pork.

His handsome brows immediately furrowed. “ Didn’t I tell you to just cook sweet and sour pork and roast pork?”

Catherine rolled her eyes at him and snapped, “Do you want to get high blood pressure or diabetes by asking me to cook four whole ribs of sweet and sour pork? You just fainted and got sent to the hospital yesterday. Pay more attention to yourself.”

Shaun was stunned.

Looking at her bright and angry eyes, there was suddenly a sweet feeling in his heart. His sexy thin lips curved upward in pleasure. “Are you concerned about me?”

Concerned her *ss!

Catherine sighed. “Mister, this is common sense. I

beg you to please grow a brain.”

“I wasn’t going to eat it all at once, ” Shaun suddenly said with bitterness, “ I was planning to put the leftovers in the fridge and eat one bowl a day.”

“You can’t eat it like that either.”

“Okay, I won’t eat it then. I’ll listen to you.” Shaun’s gaze burned into her. He looked like a well- behaved dog.

Catherine, “ ”

She looked away and served the dishes. She was getting ready to eat. She had gotten dragged away before she could finish eating earlier, so she was starving now.

However, it was all meat and ribs. She was tired of eating them.

On the other hand, Shaun was eating happily. Although the best ones were the sweet and sour pork ribs and roast pork, the stir-fried pork and sparerib soup were also good.

After eating, he put the rest in the refrigerator. When he turned around, he saw Catherine sitting there playing on her phone. The dishes on the table had not been washed at all.

“The dishes should be washed… ” He knocked on the table and reminded her in a low voice.

Catherine looked up from her game and stared at him with a cold gaze.

Shaun explained, “There isn’t a nanny at home, so there’s no one to do these things.”

Catherine laughed.

History was repeating itself. She increasingly felt that the Catherine from the past was an idiot to have fallen in love with him.

“Shaun Hill, what’s the point of a person like you wanting a woman? You should just stay single for life.” Catherine directly got up and left. Just looking at him made her annoyed.

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