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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 791

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 791

Freya glanced at Shaun intentionally. “Cathy, I don’t want to follow in your footsteps. If Rodney tells me to get lost and I don’t, I might be put into a mental hospital. That’ll be too painful.”

Shaun, “…”

He really had the urge to throw Freya to the Snow family now.

He had just made a little progress, but she ruined everything.

“Right? That’s why you must be careful when finding a man,” Catherine said meaningfully. “ Especially those men who lose their intelligence when they meet two-faced b*tches. You have to stay away from them.”

After coming out of the Snows’ residence, Shaun was rebuked by them.

He thought of himself as a smart and powerful man. Otherwise, he would not have been able to lead Hill Corporation while surrounded by jackals. However, i n the eyes of these two women, he was just an idiot.

It made his handsome face become contorted.

“President Hill…” At that moment, Hadley pulled up in front of the three in a sedan. “You called me over to—”

“Send Freya back.” Shaun dragged Catherine without a word to his own car. He had already put up with Freya as the unwanted third party for too long.

“Shaun Hill, let go. I live with Freya, we can go back together.” Catherine yanked her hand back hard

but was unable to break free from his grip. Her body was pressed into the car seat by Shaun.

“No matter what you say, I saved you today, so you have to accompany me to dinner. I’m hungry, ” Shaun raised his sharp brows and said justly.

Catherine looked at his determined appearance and knew that she could not get away from him, so she helplessly buckled her seatbelt. “What do you want to eat?”

“Can I eat anything I want?” Shaun’s eyes brightened. Before Catherine could answer, he already stepped on the pedal.

Along the way, he made a phone call. “Send 40 pounds of ribs and meat to Zion Residence.”

As expected…

Catherine sighed deeply. Sure enough, Shaun was Shaun. His appetite never changed.

Before long, the car pulled up to Zion Residence.

The place Shaun lived in was a building with only six floors. Shaun stayed on the top floor.

When they came out of the elevator and Catherine saw four bags of ribs and meat placed at the door, she immediately had a headache.

Shaun entered the password in front of her and turned to say to her, “Did you get that? You can come over anytime in the future.”

Catherine sneered, “Why would I come here? To cook for you? I’m not your nanny, and you’re not paying me either.”

“That’s not what I meant… ” Shaun was speechless and felt helpless.

“Then what did you mean? You want me to come here to take a bath and sleep with you?” Catherine said mercilessly, “To you, those are the only functions I have.”

“I didn’t know before. I won’t do it in the future.” Shaun looked at her with a deep gaze. Catherine

would be able to draw the man’s dark eyes and handsome face even with her eyes closed. When she listened to his low and magnetic voice, her heart was still slightly moved.

He opened the door, and Catherine walked in.

It could be seen that Shaun had just moved in recently. The whole house seemed deserted, and it was clear that the place was not very lived-in. There was no trace of the kitchen having been used before either.

“Did you secretly renovate this place in order to hide women behind Sarah’s back?” Catherine could not help but ridicule.

“This building was given to me by a developer before, and I just moved in a few days ago. I won’t return to the seaside villa, ” Shaun explained patiently, “ I want to eat the roast pork and sweet and sour ribs you made for Suzie last time.”

As he spoke, he brought in the four bags of meat and ribs.

Catherine’s face twitched. “You’re not asking to make all of that tonight, right?”

If so, she would definitely turn around and leave immediately.
Shaun looked down for a few seconds and took out four ribs and two pieces of meat. ”Just cook these. ”

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