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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 788

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 788

Thinking that Freya might become the second madam of the Snow family in the future, the butler could not help but add, “The eldest young miss is now the president of Snow Corporation and is usually very busy.”

“The eldest young miss…” Freya was a little dumbfounded.

Catherine looked at her with a vague smile. “Yeah, your brother’s ex is the Snow family’s eldest young miss.”

“…I was joking. Maybe I was mistaken.” The corners of Freya’s mouth curved upward. She believed that her brother did not have that capability.

Soon, they arrived at the main hall and saw three people sitting inside.

The one sitting in the middle was an old man with white hair but a kind face. Next to him sat a middle- aged man with a handsome face and a middle-aged woman with exquisite makeup. The woman looked slightly similar to Rodney, and it was clear at a glance that they were Rodney’s parents.

“Grandpa, Uncle, Aunty, hello,” Freya and Catherine greeted them politely at the same time.

The butler explained from the side, “This is Ms. Catherine Jones, Mr. Joel Yule’s daughter. She’s good friends with Ms. Lynch and came along because she was worried.”

Old Master Snow nodded. Many people in the noble circle had talked about Catherine recently, and everyone admired her excellent talent.

After all, no ordinary person would be able to become the world’s top designer at such a young age. If Freya was able to be friends with such a person, it meant that she was decent herself.

The people of the Snow family all set their sights on Freya.

After going home tonight, Freya had removed her makeup and was wearing a very ordinary denim jacket and T-shirt.

However, her face was clean and her eyes were clear. Her exquisite face looked tender. The Snow family nodded in satisfaction.

“Is… there something you need me for?”

Freya felt nervous at their gazes. “I can explain myself. It was Rodney Snow who slandered me for plagiarism three years ago and made it impossible for me to stay in the cosmetics industry in the country. This time, I just… returned the favor to him.”

Old Master Snow snorted coldly. “Is the Snow family a family you can mess with? You’ve ruined Rodney’s reputation. His mother had wanted to arrange a partner for him before, but now, all the women from influential families are avoiding him.”

“I don’t think he would agree even if you introduced other women to him.” Freya could not help but mutter. The only person in Rodney’s mind was Sarah.

“ I don’t care. In short, people who mess with the Snow family will pay the price. Because of you, the Snow family is being ridiculed.”

Old Master Snow struck the table.

The old master revealed his dignified aura. Needless to say, Freya jumped in shock, and even Catherine was a little uneasy. “Grandpa Derek, although I’ve never met you before, I heard about your strict lectures on self-discipline given to your descendants. I’ve always thought you were a sensible and reasonable elder, but I didn’t expect that you’re no different from those elders in large families who bully the weak.”

Jason Snow’s face changed slightly. “Ms. Jones, please pay attention to your words. Even if your grandfather came over, he would not dare to speak t o my father like that.”

“What I said is the truth. ” Catherine lowered her head. “Moreover, the reason for that incident was because Rodney had bullied her using his status. ”

Old Master Snow felt embarrassed at being pointed out, but due to his goal, he put on a bold look on his face. He said sternly, “That’s enough, lest you call me unreasonable. Freya Lynch, let me ask you. Do you admit that you’ve ruined Rodney’s reputation?”

“Yes, I admit that…” Freya nodded vaguely. “But— ”

“But if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t have gone abroad that year and you wouldn’t have become the most talented cosmetic chemist in the world

today, ” Old Master Snow interrupted her. “It was because of the humiliation he gave you that made you what you are today.”

Freya was dumbfounded. Old Master Snow was already so old. How could he be so… shameless? “So, according to you, I should be thanking Rodney Snow instead?” She gritted her teeth and said in cold sarcasm.

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