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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 787

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 787

“Ms. Lynch, don’t be afraid. We don’t have any ill intentions, ” the butler said while pressing on the door.

“I ruined Rodney Snow’s reputation. How could you not have ill intentions?”

Freya did not believe these families at all. In the past, Catherine was called over by the old master of the Hill family and her face was disfigured.

She had not found a boyfriend yet. She did not want to be disfigured or locked up.

“If you don’t cooperate, then we’ll have to take you there by force.” The butler sighed helplessly.

Seeing the bodyguards about to barge in, Catherine walked over. “Freya, I’ll go with you.”

“Ms. Jones, that’s… ” The butler frowned. He had also heard of Catherine. She was the heir of the Yule family.

“I believe that the Snow family isn’t unreasonable. I f there’s anything that has to be said, we can talk it over. To be honest, I won’t be at ease letting my friend go there alone.”

“Very well.” The butler nodded. “Let’s go together.”

“Cathy, do you really want to go with me?” Freya was worried. The two of them did not know the Snow family at all. Who knew if they would end up walking into the lion’s den?

“It’s fine. I believe the Snow family won’t make things too difficult for us on account of my dad.”

Catherine was sure about her words.

However, after getting in the car, she shamelessly sent a text message to Shaun asking for help.

She had no choice. Although she hated him, Freya and she would be able to leave in one piece as long a s he showed up. After all, everyone in the country had to show Shaun some respect.

An hour later.

The car drove to the Snow family’s mansion. The atmosphere here was different from Hill Manor’s solemnity. The Snow family had pavilions, rockeries, flowing water, and exquisite corridors. Any tree in their yard would be able to buy a house outside.

After passing through the door, Freya saw a tall and slender woman in front of them walking. The woman walked so fast that Freya only had time to see the woman’s beautiful profile, but it was enough to surprise her.

“What’s wrong?” Catherine turned back to look at her.

Freya grabbed her hand emotionally and whispered, “Did you see that woman just now? She looks like… my brother’s ex-girlfriend. I saw her photo on his phone before.”

Catherine froze. She knew Forrest Lynch but was not familiar with him. After all, Freya had always said she would pair Forrest with her.

However, Forrest always looked unsmiling and unromantic, which made her feel pressured. She was completely unable to get along with Forrest.

“That can’t be. I’ve never heard of your brother having a girlfriend before.”

“He dated only once when he was studying abroad. I’ve never met her before, but now that I think about it, she was probably his first and only love. ”

After Freya finished speaking in an emotional whisper, she turned to ask the butler, “Mister, who is that beautiful lady who passed by just now? She’s so pretty and elegant.”

“That’s our Snow family’s eldest young miss.”

When the butler heard Freya address the woman so affectionately, he had a much better impression of her.

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