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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 786

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 786

Shaun followed Catherine. When he saw Catherine’s resolute back, he felt that if he did not make some things clear, he might really lose her forever. “Don’t go. Actually, I… liked you since before.”

This was the first time he fully expressed his true thoughts.

Catherine paused, and Shaun lowered his voice in chagrin. “But I couldn’t say it because I’ve known Sarah for too long and owe her too much. I couldn’t let her down, so I could only choose to divorce you. I don’t understand why I changed my mind either. I just like spending time with you more. When I see you with Liam or Issac, I become angry.”

“Is that so?”

Catherine turned her reddened eyes to him and glared at him with a sarcastic smile. “ Shaun Hill, you’re too deeply entangled with Sarah. You said that you like me, but can it compare to the guilt you have for Sarah? The next time she says a word, you’ll abandon me without mercy again. Have you

heard of the boy who cried wolf? I’m the villager in that story. I have no trust in you anymore.”

“No, it’s really… impossible between Sarah and me.” Shaun shook his head. After speaking, he felt a sense of relief.

It turned out that he really did not love Sarah anymore. He was always tired when he was with her.

Even their wedding had filled him with depression.

“In any case, I won’t believe you. I don’t want to be cannon fodder between you two. Don’ t follow me anymore.”

Catherine glared at him and swiftly left on her high heels.

She seemed as if she was afraid that he would chase after her.

Shaun was upset.

He had already spoken out his true feelings, but unexpectedly, she did not react well at all.

Maybe he had hurt her too deeply before.

At night, Catherine told Freya about this while they were eating.

“What? Shaun Hill really told you that he likes you?” Freya was overjoyed. “That’s great! Now you can abuse that scumbag to death.”

“It’s not that simple.” Catherine sighed. “You underestimate the feelings between Shaun and Sarah. I have to take it one step at a time.”

“No way, Sarah already cuckolded him.” Freya wanted to vomit just thinking about it. “No man would be able to accept that.”

“You underestimate Sarah. Didn’t you hear that she came out of the police station the very next day? She must have told Shaun that she was forced by Lucifer. She must have dispelled Shaun’s anger. ”

Catherine felt a little regretful. She had spent a good deal of effort to get Lucifer, but in the end, he ended up dead somehow. She originally wanted Lucifer to live and make Sarah get into a dogfight with him. “I might have to change the plan.”

Just as Freya was about to ask a question, the doorbell suddenly rang.

She looked at the peephole and saw that it was a kind-looking middle -aged man. She opened the door.

“You’re… Ms. Lynch, right?” The middle-aged man smiled gently. “ I’m the butler of the Snow family. ”

Freya subconsciously tried to close the door, but the butler was unexpectedly quick and instantly pushed the door open. Then, two brawny bodyguards walked out from the stairway.

“What do you want?” Freya had a bad feeling. Was the Snow family here to cause trouble for her because she ruined Rodney’s reputation before?

“Ms. Lynch, don’ t be scared. We don’ t mean any harm. It’s just that our family’s master wants to have a chat with you.”

“What is there for me to chat with your family’s master about? I’m not free. ” Freya did not believe that what the butler said was true.

She regretted it now. She should not have called reporters over to make a scene.

She had no ability to fight against the entire Snow family. Boo-hoo!

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