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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 785

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 785

Shaun saw Catherine’s shocked appearance.

The corners of his lips curled slightly. He had casually come up with a lie, but she unexpectedly believed him.

“Anyway, I’m telling the truth. I advise you to stay away from him,” Shaun added.

Catherine rolled her eyes at him and took out her phone to call Isaac.

Shaun said, “Isaac already left.”

“Shaun Hill, what did you do this time?” Catherine glared at him.

“I told him that pursuing you is offending me, and he left without a word, ” Shaun said contemptuously. “He’s as timid as a mouse.”

Catherine, “ ”

If she did not know Isaac well, she would have believed Shaun’s nonsense.

This man told lies without coming up with a script first.

Seeing that she had stopped speaking and was looking at him expressionlessly with her beautiful face, Shaun coughed into his fist. “I came here to thank you for sending me to the hospital yesterday. Why don’t I treat you to dinner tonight as thanks?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I sent you to the hospital out of kindness yesterday and ended up getting scolded by your good friends. They said that I’m like a ghost haunting you and that I’m taking the opportunity to get back together with you. I told them to remind you to pay me back for your medical fees, but then they said I just wanted an excuse to hit on you.”

Catherine crossed her arms coldly and mocked, “If I agree to go to dinner with you, I’ll have my ears chewed off by his scolding again.”

“Are you talking about Rodney?”

Shaun’s temples suddenly throbbed. If not for the fact that they had been best friends for years, he really wanted to punch him. “Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

“Shaun Hill, I really don’t know what you want. ”

Catherine looked exasperated. “Because of you, I’m always getting scolded by others. Don’t you love Sarah Neeson? Why are you always coming to look for me? Did you forget that at the wedding a few days ago, you personally said that you’ll hold another wedding with Sarah in a few days? Or is it because Sarah did something that let you down, so you came here to me out of annoyance? I’m not your rebound.”

Shaun’s handsome face was filled with embarrassment.

Every word she said fell on his face like a slap.

As a man, he did feel ashamed. He had vowed to marry Sarah on their wedding day.

“Shaun Hill, stop giving people hope and then making them fall into despair.”

Catherine turned around and left.

Shaun froze. When he saw her leave, he subconsciously grabbed her hand. “Yesterday,

when we were eating at McDonald’s, some images flashed in my mind. In the past… Maybe I didn’t hate you that much.”

Catherine’s body stiffened. She did have that suspicion yesterday, but she did not expect him to really remember something.

“It’s impossible for Sarah and I to get married again.” When Shaun saw that she was not walking

away, he continued, “I’ve moved out of the seaside villa. I’m not treating you like a rebound.”

“You say you’re not treating me like your rebound? You decided not to marry her and came to me immediately.” Catherine flung his hand away angrily. “I think it’s because you’ve realized that your childhood sweetheart and first love isn’t as pure as you thought she was, so you regret it. Since there are no other women around you, you felt bored and came to pester me instead.”

The more she spoke, the more furious she got. Her eyes burned with flames of anger and tears.

Shaun’s heart hurt viciously.

“That’s not it.”

He opened his mouth with difficulty.

“ Shaun Hill, I don’t want to be hurt by you again.” Catherine turned and left.

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