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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 782

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 782

Catherine was confused until she saw the couple at the side. She froze and remembered something

from the past. She and Shaun had also experienced i t before when they ate at a KFC outlet in Melbourne.

Did he remember something?

Just as she was thinking about this, she suddenly heard the waiter’s voice. “Mister, are you okay?


“Someone fainted. Who came with him?”

She looked in the direction of the bathroom where a bunch of people were gathered. She rushed over and pushed through the crowd, only to see Shaun on the ground, unconscious.

“Shaun… Shaun…” She pulled him up and called out his name for a long time, but when he did not respond, she quickly dialed 000.

Soon, the ambulance came and she took Shaun to the hospital with Suzie.

Suzie looked worried. “Mommy, what happened to scummy Daddy? Why did he suddenly faint?”

Catherine frowned. She suspected that Shaun might have remembered something after he heard the couple’s conversation earlier.

However, the psychologist from before said that only 0.1% of hypnotized people would recover.

Some who recovered even became fools.

At that time, the door of the ER opened and a doctor came out. “Has the patient not slept for a few days? I believe he has stayed up for an extended period of time without rest, causing brain nerve dysfunction which resulted in fainting.”

“I see.”

Catherine was speechless. She thought that he fainted because he was stimulated by past memories. Well, it seemed she had thought too much.

At that moment, Chester and Rodney also arrived. When Shaun was sent to the hospital, the people in the emergency room had informed Chester. Rodney happened to be with him, so the two of them arrived together.

However, when Rodney saw Catherine outside, he flew into a rage. “Catherine Jones, why are you here? You’re like a ghost haunting him. Are you trying to regain your position because Shaun and Sarah’s wedding is temporarily canceled? I’m warning you, you’d better stay away from Shaun. ”

“Why are you so fierce?” Suzie glared angrily at Rodney.

“Little brats like you should stay out of matters involving the adults. ” Rodney glared at Catherine. “ There are so many men under the sky, so why are you clinging to Shaun? Don’t you feel ashamed for being a third party?”

“Third party?” Catherine laughed. “Fine, I’m at fault no matter what I do. I shouldn’t have dialed 000 and sent Shaun here. I should’ve just let him die instead.”


“By the way, when Shaun wakes up, remember to tell him to pay me back for the medical fees. I didn’t get anything when I divorced him, and I don’t plan on spending a single cent on him,” Catherine said coldly and carried Suzie away directly.

She felt that her IQ would drop if she continued talking to Rodney.

“Don’t think I don’t know you want Shaun to pay you back so you can hit on him later. Shaun will marry Sarah, so stop dreaming! ”

Rodney yelled at her back.

Then, he took out his phone and wanted to call Sarah.

Chester took his phone away and snapped at him, “ Can’t you let Shaun have some peace and quiet?

Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? Shaun hasn’t slept for several days. He hasn’t slept well since that incident with Sarah.”

“I’m calling Sarah over to take care of him, ” Rodney explained, “The two of them can’t just carry on like this.”

“But you have to wait until Shaun gets slightly better. He’ll have a headache if he sees Sarah now.” Chester was exasperated. “Don’t you know why he doesn’t answer our calls anymore? It’s because he doesn’t want to hear us talk about Sarah. Give him some time.”

Rodney became gloomy and could not say anything else.

Shaun was unconscious for the whole day before waking up.

When he opened his eyes, only Chester was sitting in the ward.

“Friend, I’m begging you to sleep after this. I don’t want to attend your funeral if you suddenly die,” Chester teased.

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