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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 780

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 780

Catherine quickly picked the little girl up. When she saw Suzie’s tears, she glared at Shaun with anger.“ We’re not the ones who provoked you, why are you raising your voice at us? Go to Sarah if you dare. You only know how to yell at me every time. Get lost. I’ll accompany Suzie. Your company isn’t needed.”

Then, she carried Suzie into the amusement park.

Shaun, who was left behind, clenched his fists in annoyance. When he watched the two of them walk farther and farther away, his long legs quickly chased after them. “ Suzie is my niece. Even if she wants to play, she’ll play with me.”

“Uncle, I don’t want you. You’re too fierce.” Suzie refused without mercy.

Shaun shrank back and could only say in a soft voice, “Suzie, I didn’t mean it just now…”

“Uncle, you shouldn’t apologize to me but to Aunty Cathy,” Suzie said seriously.

Shaun glanced at Catherine but only saw her continuing to walk forward. She did not pay attention to him at all. He felt depressed.

Suzie looked at him encouragingly. “My teacher said that a true man apologizes when he knows he’s wrong.”

Shaun, “ ”

When facing the child’s innocent eyes, he felt as though he would not be a man if he did not apologize.

He silently sighed and grabbed Catherine’s arm. Lowering his voice, he said, “Sorry. I’ve been in a bad mood recently and spoke too loudly just now. Don’t take it personally.”

Catherine turned around in annoyance to glare at him, but Suzie said, “Aunty Cathy, just forgive him. Uncle is pretty pitiful too. He’s already so old but he just broke up. My daddy is younger than him but he already has such a big daughter like me.”

Shaun seemed to have been viciously stabbed by an invisible knife. His handsome face turned ashen.

If he had not accidentally pushed Catherine back then, his daughter would be just as big, okay?

However, he could not voice out his bitterness.

Catherine looked at his defeated and uncomfortable expression. She felt happy. “Fine, I won’t argue with you since our little Suzie has spoken up for you, but if you still want to follow us, then talk less and mind your own business.”

Then, she led Suzie to the plane ride.

Shaun could only follow the two from behind. As Catherine accompanied Suzie on the plane ride, he minded his own business and watched from below.

When Suzie and Catherine played bumper cars, he minded his own business and watched from outside.

Finally, when they went to the Ferris wheel, Catherine let him bring Suzie up since she was afraid of heights.

“What’s so scary about the Ferris wheel? I’m not scared.” Suzie disagreed and insisted on Catherine joining. She even pulled Shaun inside with her.

The three people sat in the small cabin. Shaun sat on one side while Suzie and Catherine sat on the other.

It was fine at first, but when their cabin rose, Catherine’s legs went weak. She grabbed the railing on the side out of fear and did not dare to look down.

Shaun looked at her frightened appearance and inexplicably felt amused. He had known her for so long, but he never knew that she was so afraid of heights. She did not even dare to sit on the Ferris wheel.

For some reason, he suddenly wanted to scare her.

When the Ferris wheel reached its peak, he deliberately shook the cabin. The cabin swayed gently, but Catherine was so frightened that her whole face turned white. Her whole body was shaking, but she did not want to scare Suzie, so she squatted on the edge of the seat and curled up into a ball. Her teeth were chattering due to fright.

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