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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 778

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 778

It was Catherine’s voice.

Shaun’s heart skipped a beat. He turned behind to look at Suzie and saw her lower her head to say to the watch, “We’re at the parking lot. We’ll be right there.”

After the call ended, his handsome brows quickly furrowed. “You invited Catherine?”

“Yep.” Suzie shook her legs.

“…Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Shaun was upset.

“Because I was afraid you wouldn’t want to come if I did.” Suzie stuck out her tongue. “Grandma said you broke up, so I asked Daddy what men should do when they break up. Daddy said that the best thing for a man to do after breaking up is to get into another relationship. The only other person I know of is Aunty Cathy.”

Shaun was speechless. Well, it turned out that in the eyes of others, he had broken up. “Um… You

invited Aunty Cathy and she agreed that easily?” “Yep.” Suzie nodded.

Shaun subconsciously gripped the steering wheel. Could it be that she knew he had not gotten married and wanted to get back together with hïm.

He undid the buttons around his neck, and his depressed mood improved inexplicably.

However, Suzie said, “Because I lied and said I was with Daddy.”

Shaun, “ ”

It turned out that the woman agreed to come to the amusement park purely because… of Liam?

How on earth was he inferior to Liam?

He gnashed his teeth at the last three words.

“Even if you tell Catherine that you were with me, she would’ve agreed too.” Shaun snorted secretly. Catherine still had him in her heart. She would definitely think this was a chance to get back together with him.

“Nope.” Suzie pouted. “I told Aunty Cathy that I wanted you to take me to her place for dinner, but she said that if I called you, she wouldn’t let me come. She said that she gets annoyed just looking at you.”

Shaun immediately felt his heart hurt in anger. Was this girl trying to comfort him or anger him? “Then why are you matchmaking us? You’re matching the wrong people.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Suzie pursed her lips when she saw the anger on his face. “Then I’ll call Daddy and tell him to come over. Uncle, you can go back.”

“You called me here and now you’re telling me to go back?” Shaun felt as though a knife was slicing his heart. This girl was too heartless.

“I can’t let Aunty Cathy go back. Aunty is a woman.” Suzie blinked at him innocently.

Shaun was speechless. When the girl was about to dial a number on the watch again, he blurted out, “ Forget it, don’t call. I’ve already parked the car so I’m too lazy to go back.”

“So you’re willing to go on a date with Aunty Cathy?” Suzie’s pink face showed a hint of playfulness.

“What date? Don’t speak nonsense. I’m just accompanying you to the amusement park.”

After Shaun opened the door and went down, he subconsciously looked at his own reflection on the window. Fortunately, he had showered before going out. It was just that his shirt was not ironed properly.

He hurriedly tucked his shirt into his pants while looking at the window. He then looked at his beard which had not been shaven clean. He had not rested well these two days, so his eye bags were a little dark too.

The door suddenly opened and Suzie gloomily came out with her hands on her hips. “Uncle, what are you doing while facing my window?”

“My shirt was messy so I was tidying it up. ” Shaun cleared his throat and changed the topic. “Look, there’s cotton candy over there. I’ll buy one for you.”

“Okay! ” Suzie was successfully distracted.

Five minutes later, the two finally walked to the entrance of the amusement park. Before they reached, Shaun already spotted Catherine’s figure a t the gate. She was wearing jeans and a white T- shirt, as well as a pair of white shoes. Her curly chestnut hair was pulled up into a ponytail. It was a very common look among university students, but with her beautiful face, she looked so pretty that he could not tear his eyes away.

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