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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 777

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 777

Shaun shook.

Yes, Sarah had gone missing for a few years overseas.

How could he know if she had changed or not?

Lea could not understand Mason after 30 years. What about him? He only knew Sarah for 20 years.

“ Shaun, you’re not an ordinary person. You’re the leader of Hill Corporation and you stand on the top o f the pyramid. Others will be paying attention to your marriage. You’ve divorced once, and this happened when you were about to get married for a second time. It’ll become a stain on your life.”

Lea stood up and said seriously, “Have a proper think about it.”

She finished her sentence and turned to leave.

Shaun sat alone in the office chair for a long time until there was a knock on the door. Then, Suzie’s little head poked in from outside. “Uncle, can I come in?”

Even though Shaun was in a bad mood, his heart immediately turned soft when he saw the little one’s cautious yet eager to please appearance.

“Suzie, didn’t you go to preschool today?” Shaun noticed she was still wearing the preschool’s red uniform.

“Grandma said you were in a bad mood, so I came over to keep you company,” Suzie tilted her head and spoke.

Shaun’s heart suddenly warmed.

He did not expect Lea to care about him even at a time like this.

“Uncle, this is for you.” Suzie ran to his legs and clumsily climbed onto his lap. She opened her palm, revealing the piece of chocolate inside. “Every time I’m in a bad mood, I’ll stop crying after eating some chocolate.”

Shaun looked at her and smiled. Then, the little girl unwrapped the chocolate and shoved it into his mouth.

He rarely ate candy, but when he bit into the chocolate this time, it was sweet.

“Uncle, are you feeling better now?”

Suzie looked up at him with sparkling eyes.

“Much better. Thank you, Suzie.” He rubbed her little head.

“Mmh. Uncle, your body… is a little stinky, ” Suzie suddenly said with a disgusted look.

Shaun froze. He had not slept much in the past two days, much less showered.

“I’ve… been busy with work these days and forgot to shower. Wait for me here. I’ll go take one now. ” Shaun awkwardly turned on the TV for her.

“Okay.” Suzie sat down on the sofa obediently and watched Peppa Pig.

Shaun washed himself from head to toe in the bathroom and even shaved his beard. He changed into a pair of black trousers and a white shirt. He exuded a handsome and elegant aura.

Suzie’s eyes lit up. “Uncle, you’re so handsome. Let’s go out on a date.”

Shaun could not help but laugh. “You little rascal, do you even know what a date is?”

“ I saw it on TV. People on TV always go on dates.” Suzie giggled. “Let’s go to the amusement park. I wanna go.” “Okay.”

Shaun agreed without thinking.

In fact, he had also found it very boring to work in the company every day. However, he did not want to go out to face Rodney and Chester.

If it were Suzie, he would be happy to spend time with her. When he drove to the amusement park, Suzie’s watch phone rang. A pleasant female voice sounded. “Suzie, I’m at the gate. Where are you?”

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