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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 775

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 775

“If it weren’t for my quick thinking, I would’ve almost gotten involved in your trouble. I’ve yet to settle my debt with you. Besides, you should think o f what you still have that’s useful to me. Once you leave Shaun’s side, you’re nothing at all to me.”

The call ended mercilessly. Sarah was appalled.

She gripped her phone tightly. She knew all along that in the eyes of those bunch of people, no matter how outstanding she was in the field of psychology and arts, they would only prioritize family background. The Neeson family was not what it used to be. Therefore, she could only hold tightly onto Shaun, Rodney, and Chester.

A wave of panic swept over her. She dialed Rodney’s number.

Half an hour later, Rodney quickly rushed over.

Sarah had already washed her face and changed into a set of white clothes. She sat on the sofa in the living room, drinking wine. Her look was that of someone in despair, yet it had a touch of purity too.

“ Sarah, stop drinking.” Rodney snatched her wine glass away. Seeing the woman he had been secretly in love with since he was young in such a state pained him.

“Rodney, don’t you hate me?” Sarah looked up with reddened eyes. “Don’t you think I’m disgusting?”

Rodney initially felt uncomfortable that the goddess of his heart had slept with a middle -aged man. However, looking at her being like this, he strangely pitied her. “Sarah, you were so silly. Why didn’t you tell us? We know about all the sufferings you went through back then. We understand that you were a victim and don’t mind it at all. You cheated on Shaun this time. No man can stand that.”

“I was afraid that you guys wouldn’t be able to take it if you saw the pictures. I just wanted to keep the last bit of my dignity. I never expected that I would lose my remaining dignity as well.”

Sarah smiled pitifully. “Shaunic left, and the wedding can’t be held again. Everyone in the circle must be talking about me and looking down on me. I can’t take it anymore. I wanted to die back then too, but I hung on when I thought of Shaunic. I never knew… I should’ve just died back then.”

She took the wine bottle and drank straight from it after she spoke. “Don’t stop me. Just let me die from drinking.”

“Don’t be like that. Maybe Shaun will just be angry for a while? Give him some time.” Rodney took the wine bottle away forcefully. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll surely advise Shaun to come back.”

“What if he doesn’t come back?” Sarah had a dazed expression.

“I’ll think of something. Even if he doesn’t come back… You don’t have to be afraid. I’ll always be your strongest backing, ” Rodney said with determination.

In the president’s office of Hill Corporation.

The lights had been on for a whole night, but Shaun was still working.

Everyone in the company noticed that their president had become an utter workaholic. In the past, he would still return home to rest after working extra hours, but now, he did not return home at all. He worked day and night.

Shaun had no feelings about it. However, the employees of the secretarial department who worked extra hours and stayed up all night with him could not take it anymore.

“Assistant Young, please advise President Hill to go back to rest. Even a normal person won’t be able to take it if this keeps going on. President Hill is going through a break-up, but he can’t make us suffer together with him.”

“That’s right. I still have my wife and kids back at home. My kids call me every day to say they miss me.”

Hadley’s expression darkened. “When did President Hill break-up? What nonsense are you all talking about?”

“Assistant Young, we heard all about it already, ” a secretary said with a low voice, “During the wedding, Ms. Neeson was taken away. I heard that she has already been bailed out, but President Hill never mentioned anything about holding another wedding. He doesn’t even go back home now. This means that Ms. Neeson had indeed cheated on President Hill.” “What was Ms. Neeson thinking? Our president is so excellent. What was she dissatisfied with?”

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