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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 773

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 773

“It’s not both of us, it’s just me. ” Shaun rubbed his brows. A deep trace of helplessness flashed across his narrow eyes. “I’m sorry, Sarah. I think we both need some time to cool down.”

Sarah was stunned. She could not believe it.

Had Shaun not decided to stop pursuing that matter just now? Why was he leaving all of a sudden?!

No, she could not let him leave.

Sarah grabbed Shaun’s hand. “ Shaunic, don’t go. I beg you. What will it take for you to forgive me? As long as you say it, I’m willing to do anything.”

“Sarah, don’t do this…” Shaun tried to push her hand away.

However, it was as if Sarah had gone crazy. Her face was streaked with tears. “ If you want to cool down, you can do it here. I won’t disturb you. Shaunic, everyone in Canberra sees me as a joke now. If you move out so suddenly, what will those people think of me? They’ll think that I’m a seductress. I won’t be able to hold my head high for the rest of my life. If

you don’t want me, I’d rather die! ” “Sarah, are you threatening me?”

An icy coldness laced Shaun’s helpless tone. His towering figure emanated an aura that could make one’s heart shudder involuntarily.

Sarah was frightened. She shook her head.

“No, Shaunic. Can’t we just sit down and talk peacefully? We’ve known each other for 2o years. We’ve had feelings for each other for more than ten years and went through so many hardships together. It really wasn’t easy for us to come to where we are today.”

Shaun gazed at her in confusion. “ Sarah, I’ve done a lot of thinking in these two days. Actually, I never once thought that you were dirty. However, the fact that I can’t touch you has become a hurdle in our hearts that we can’t overcome. Every woman has her basic needs, and I can’t satisfy them for you. I’ve already forgiven you, but I can’t act as if nothing has ever happened before. Do you understand?”

Just thinking about the countless women Lucifer had slept with and the times he had sex with Sarah made Shaun feel repulsed at the thought of hugging her.

How could they even talk about being together for the rest of their lives?

“What do you mean?” Sarah got agitated and hysterical. “In the end, you just think that I’m dirty! ”

“Sarah, aren’t you tired? Whenever we fight, you’ll always bring up this matter.” Shaun had a bitter expression. “If I hated you for being dirty, I wouldn’t have gotten together with you from the start.”

“Then why are you leaving?” Sarah begged pitifully, “Shaunic, don’t go. I’ll tell you everything from now on. I won’t hide anything from you, okay? Whichever part of me that you think isn’t good enough, I’ll change it.”

“Sarah, I’m sorry. I’m really tired.”

Shaun broke her grip. He simply took his suitcases, turned around, and walked out.

Sarah was on the verge of falling apart. She grabbed his suitcases and refused to let go. “You said we just need a break, so you’ll still come back. I won’t let you bring your stuff away. Shaunic, I admit that I was wrong, but you got together with Catherine too. You betrayed our feelings before as well. I can

forgive you for that, so why can’t you forgive me?! ”

Shaun saw her holding onto his suitcases, refusing t o let go. He was annoyed by her cries as well.

Therefore, he simply abandoned his things and left straight away.

He did not know why he and Sarah had become like this.

In his memories, whenever he felt tired or lonely, he could always feel a sense of belonging as long as he saw Sarah.

However, Sarah was like a huge mountain pressing on his heart at that moment. Whenever he faced her, he would feel indescribable exhaustion.

When Shaun walked out of the seaside villa, he felt some guilt in his heart. At the same time, he felt relaxed as well.

Hadley drove the car over. Shaun got in the car and lit a cigarette. He asked absently, “Hadley, am I a huge scumbag?”

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