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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 772

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 772

“Shaunic, I didn’t lie to you on purpose. I was forced to do so. That person was one of the criminals who kidnapped me back in the States. You should know how painful that incident was for me. I’m not clean anymore, yet that person appeared again like a demon.

“He said he had indecent pictures and videos of my past. I had no choice. I was afraid that you would be disgusted with me if you found out, so I gave him money. I gave him 200 million dollars but he

wasn’t satisfied. He wanted me to have s*x with him.”

Sarah crouched down and cried bitterly as she

spoke, “I felt disgusted. Every time he touched me, it felt so repulsive that I wanted to puke. Shaunic, I made a mistake. I’ve done you wrong, but it wasn’t intentional. I love you. You were already so repulsed by me that you would puke whenever I touched you. I was scared that you’d hate me even more if you saw the pictures.”

“Get up.”

Shaun extended his hands to help her up.

Sarah flung herself into his embrace. She wailed while hugging him. “ Shaunic, don’t leave me. I’ll die without you.”

Shaun’s body stiffened.

Actually, the police had already told him about these things before he bailed her out of jail.

He had still blamed Sarah for her stupidity before. She should have told him that someone was threatening her.

However, Sarah’s cries made him understand that maybe the issue stemmed from his constant refusal to touch her and it had made her increasingly insecure.

He did not blame her as much anymore, but he still felt uncomfortable.

He even wanted to push Sarah away instinctively. “Sarah, calm down. Let’s go back to the seaside

villa first.” Shaun helped her to get in the car. Hadley was in front, driving the car.

During the whole journey, Sarah leaned her body on Shaun’s chest. She kept explaining, “Shaunic, Lucifer is dead now. I won’t do you any wrong from now on. Let’s call it even, okay? Didn’t you have sex with Catherine some time back as well? I know all about it. You spent two nights at her place.”

Shaun laughed bitterly in his heart.

He said he loved Sarah, yet he had sex with Catherine. On the other hand, Sarah said she loved him for more than ten years, yet she still had sex with another man before their wedding.

That was the first time he was at a loss regarding their relationship.

Could he really continue being together with Sarah? Was such a relationship not dirty?

“Shaunic, say something. I beg you, just say something. You’re making me feel scared.” Sarah started sobbing again as she was at a loss.

“Sarah, answer me seriously. Do you have anything to do with Lucifer’s death?” Shaun’s cold eyes stared into her. His gaze looked as if he wanted to burn a hole into someone.

Sarah trembled. She said, “Lucifer died due to a gunshot. Where would I find a killer who could do something like that? If I had that ability, I would’ve gotten someone to deal with him a long time ago. I wouldn’t have allowed myself to keep getting threatened by Lucifer.”

Shaun pressed his lips together in silence. He did not say a word.

Sarah continued saying, “Lucifer did so many bad things overseas. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he was without a conscience. After he returned, he kept gambling and taking drugs. He had too many enemies.”

“Enough, I got it.”

Shaun finally said something. After he spoke, he turned his head and looked outside the window.

Sarah gazed at his handsome side profile. She breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. However, she still had many doubts in her heart. Who dug out Lucifer’s body? Who was the one giving her a hard time behind the scenes?

She was unconfident, but luckily, Shaun had chosen to believe in her.

After arriving at the seaside villa, Shaun brought her inside.

When she saw the suitcases in the living room, she did not have a good feeling. “Shaunic, are we… moving somewhere else?”

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