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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 771

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 771

“What I said is the truth. Otherwise, why would there be women who cheat on their husbands, not only mentally but spiritually as well? Isn’t it because they can’ t bear the loneliness?” Chester took a long drag on his cigarette. “As for the 200 million dollars that Sarah gave to Lucifer, I reckon she was threatened.”

There was no doubt that Chester was the calmest one among the three men at that moment.

Shaun quickly realized it too.

If Sarah just wanted to have sex with that man, she would not have given him 200 million dollars.

“Let’s talk about this matter again after she comes out.”

A moment later, Shaun opened the car door and got in.

Too many things had happened today. He just wanted to cool down for a while and think about his and Sarah’s future.

A few minutes later, he called Hadley. “ I need all the information on Sarah’s case.”

Sarah spent only a day and a half in the police station.

However, that day and a half felt like a year. She was interrogated by the police every minute.

“Do you know that Lucifer took drugs?

“Did Lucifer use your money to take drugs? Why did you give him 200 million dollars?

“You went to the apartment a few times every week and spent a few hours there. Your clothes were different when you came out, and the way you walked looked as though you were hiding something. What relationship do you share with Lucifer?

“Why didn’t you make a police report when he went missing?

“Do you know that he brought women back to the apartment?

“Did you already know that he was dead?”

She had tried staying calm at the start of it, but their sharp questions forced her to deny everything

hysterically in the end. “I didn’t. Nothing happened between me and him at all.”

“Sarah Langley Neeson, we have already obtained surveillance footage from the areas near your apartment. If you keep refusing to cooperate with u s and refuse to say anything, we’ll have reason to suspect that it was you who hired someone to kill Lucifer.”

The police pointed at her while saying word by word, “You have to understand that you’re Lucifer’s closest contact. It’s useless for you to hide things because Shaun already knows about everything. He came to the police station yesterday evening. Otherwise, why do you think that you haven’t been released on bail until now?”

At that moment, Sarah only felt as if the sky was about to fall.

She shuddered. The thing she feared the most still happened in the end.

No, it was not the time for her to be flustered. Firstly, she could not go to jail. Besides, Lucifer was killed by those people. She was not involved in anything after that. It was impossible for the police to determine that she was the one who killed Lucifer.

After remaining silent for more than ten minutes, Sarah’s eyes reddened. She started crying all of a sudden. “I didn’t mean to hide anything…”

7:00 p.m. of the next day.

Sarah was released on bail. She was still wearing the wedding dress from yesterday. However, after spending so much time in the police station, the white dress had turned dark. Her makeup was smudged too. She looked like a female ghost.

Shaun was waiting outside. After seeing her, a trace of unfamiliarity flashed across his eyes.

The Sarah in his memories was beautiful, but he did not know when she became so unrecognizable.

“Shaunic, Shaunic.” When Sarah saw him, tears flowed out of her eyes. She lifted her dress and ran toward him while stumbling. She wanted to fling herself into his embrace.

However, Shaun quickly evaded her. Sarah looked at him with a blank expression. Hurt, regret, and pain flashed across her eyes.

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