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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 770

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 770

The blood flowing throughout Shaun’s body instantly turned cold.

The scenes of Sarah waiting at home for him to return from work every day kept flashing in his mind.

He recalled her lively, kind, and pure appearance.

The police told him that Sarah would spend six to seven hours in the apartment with another man several times a week.

Besides, her clothes were different when she came out of the apartment…

Sarah said that man was her tenant. However, was i t necessary to spend so much time with a tenant?

Why would she lie to him? Actually, the reason was simple.

If he could, he did not want to believe it at all.

It turned out that he did not understand Sarah enough.

He recalled himself saying confidently that he believed in her. Suddenly, he found the whole thing hilarious.

Just the thought that Sarah had touched such a dirty man before made Shaun feel utterly relieved at that moment. Luckily, he never had sex with Sarah before.

Not only him, but Rodney and Chester were both shocked too.

Especially Rodney, whose eyes were bloodshot.“ That’s impossible. Sarah isn’t that kind of person.”

Superintendent York said, “We always speak according to the truth when we handle cases. Currently, the Australian Federal Police are tracing the drugs. Furthermore, Lucifer died from a gunshot. The time of his death was less than a week ago. We suspect that Ms. Neeson hired someone to kill Lucifer to prevent her improper relationship with him from being exposed as she was about to get married.”

Rodney’s body shuddered. He yelled, “How could Sarah have possibly killed someone? She can’t even bring herself to kill a fish.”

“This is just our suspicion. We’re still in the middle of investigating it. If she wasn’t involved in the murder, we’ll let her out after the Australian Federal Police’s investigation is complete,” Superintendent York said.


Shaun did not know how he walked out of the police station.

His mind was filled with Sarah’s words about the foreign man being just a tenant.

Ha, tenant.

“Shaun, you have to trust Sarah. ” Rodney grabbed Shaun’s shoulders. He said agitatedly, “I don’t believe that Sarah is that kind of person.”

“Rodney, maybe all of us have forgotten that Sarah is a normal woman too.” Chester lit a cigarette. “ Women have their needs too, and Shaun has never satisfied her.”

Shaun was astonished.

Was that the reason?

However, he had clearly told Sarah before that she could walk away if she could not accept him.

She was the one who said it was okay and that she did not care about that stuff.

Which of her words were true and which of them were false? Shaun suddenly realized that he might never have understood Sarah properly.

” Bullsh*t! ” Rodney glared at Chester and spat out vulgar words.

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