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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 769

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 769

Joel followed Catherine immediately when he saw that she was about to leave.

Many guests gradually left as well after they saw someone take the lead.

They could have a meal anywhere, but everyone just wanted to go out and gossip about whether Sarah had cheated on Shaun or not.

When Old Master Hill saw the guests leaving one by one, he smashed a glass out of anger. “What a disgrace! This is the woman you insist on marrying! ”

“Grandpa, Sarah is being framed by someone else i n this incident. I believe that she’s innocent.”

Shaun tried to defend Sarah with a grim expression. “I knew her from when I was in the mental hospital. I understand Sarah well.”

“No one can completely understand another person, ” Lea suddenly said after she glanced at Mason as a hint. She had previously thought she knew Mason well, but she realized in recent years that she had never really seen through the person who had been sleeping by her side for more than 20 years.

Shaun was her son. He might have followed in her footsteps.

“Your mom is right.” Old Madam Hill nodded. “ Don’t blame us for canceling the wedding just now. As your elders, we only hope that you can marry a woman with a clean record. The police insisted on taking Sarah away even though there were many guests just now. I reckon they must’ve gotten their hands on something…”

Willie could not help but muster up his courage to say, “Big Brother, I think it’s better to investigate this thoroughly as well. I’ve seen many women, and most of them are horny—”

Shaun shot him an icy glare before he could finish his sentence.

“I’ll bring someone to the police station to bail Sarah out of jail.”

He turned around and left after he spoke.

“Shaun, we’re going with you.” Rodney and Chester followed him.

On the way to the police station, Rodney said angrily, “Those police officers are too much.

Couldn’t they have chosen a better time to investigate this matter? Why did they have to take Sarah away during her wedding? Aren’t they just embarrassing Sarah in public? They don’t have a single bit of consideration for a woman’s reputation. How will the noble families talk about Sarah from now on?”

He turned on his phone. “Look, now everyone on the internet knows that you guys canceled the wedding. Everyone is scolding Sarah.”

“Chester…” Shaun looked at Chester.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already made a call. Someone will remove the trending searches and replace them with some other celebrity scandals.” Chester had a knowing expression.

After arriving at the police station, Superintendent York, who was in charge of the case, met Shaun personally after Shaun flashed his attorney’s license.

“Excuse me, Mr. Hill. The suspect is still in the middle of an interrogation. We can’ t let you take her away yet,” Superintendent York said with a serious expression.

Shaun frowned and said in a deep voice, “I’ve already submitted the related documents. Why can’t I bail her out?”

“There are just too many parties involved in this case. It’s closely related to the Australian Federal Police as well.”

“Isn’t it just about a foreigner? Why is the Australian Federal Police involved?” Rodney asked unhappily.

“Let me explain it to you. The name of the deceased is Lucifer. We’ve already confirmed with Interpol that the deceased had committed many times in the States and even went to jail several times. After he came to Australia, we found out that there was a fund transfer of 2oo million dollars from Ms. Neeson’s bank account to Lucifer. Lucifer was living in her apartment as well. He frequented gambling places and the bar.

“When the forensics department did an autopsy on Lucifer’s body, they discovered that he got addicted to drugs recently. By investigating his movement in and out of the bar, we were led to a few female customers of the bar. We found out that Lucifer often brought different women back to his apartment, and three of those women are drug addicts as well.”

Shaun’s pupils constricted. “You’re saying that Sarah gave 200 million dollars to Lucifer?”

“ It’s absolutely true. The first 100 million dollars was given more than a month ago, and the other 1oo million dollars was given recently. We’ve confirmed that all the money Lucifer spent was provided by Ms. Neeson. According to information provided by a nearby neighbor, Sarah would go to Lucifer’s apartment at least three times a week. She would often spend six to seven hours there.

“We initially thought that Ms. Neeson was taking drugs when she was with Lucifer, but the doctor just tested her blood and the report came out negative for drugs. What other possibility is there when a woman stays in the same house as a man for a long time? We checked the surveillance cameras as well… There were a few times when Ms. Neeson’s clothes were different when she exited the apartment from the ones she initially wore…”

Superintendent York gave Shaun a look of sympathy. “That’s why our men didn’t let you both continue with the wedding. It was for your sake.”

Shaun’s whole body went stiff.

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