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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 768

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 768

However, the police officer only felt disdain for Sarah from the bottom of his heart.

He did not reveal everything out of respect to the Hill family.

“Shaun, we should cooperate with the police’s investigation,” Old Master Hill said with a commanding voice, “If she’s innocent, the wedding will be held again a few days later. The Hill family isn’t short of money to hold another wedding.

Nevertheless, the Hill family’s future young madam must be a woman with a clean record.”

“Shaun, let’s do as your grandpa says.” Old Madam Hill nodded in agreement.

They had never liked Sarah anyway. It was Shaun who insisted on marrying her, so they had no choice. Since the police were here and claiming that Sarah had an affair with another man, if it was proven to be true, they would never let Shaun proceed with the marriage.

Even if Shaun were to marry Sarah, they had to investigate everything thoroughly.

After all, it was Shaun’s second marriage. If he got married and divorced again, the Hill family would really become a joke in the public’s eyes.

Sarah was flustered. She said with reddened eyes,“ Grandpa, I know that you’ve disliked me all long, but it’s Shaunic’s and my wedding today.”

“ I’ve already made my opinions clear. We, the Hill family, aren’t going back on our word regarding the wedding. We’re just cooperating with the police’s investigation. If you’re innocent, there’ll still be a wedding.” Old Master Hill was enraged by Sarah.

She made it look as if he was trying to separate her and Shaun.

“Shaun, do as your grandpa says,” Lea said.

“Let’s go.”

The inspector got impatient as well. He had two policemen flank Sarah to bring her out. Then, he turned toward Shaun and said, “President Hill, maybe you aren’t clear about this yet. That foreign man was murdered by someone. This is a criminal case, and it’s a very serious charge.”

Shaun, who wanted to say something, went silent.

He was a lawyer himself, so he knew a lot about criminal matters. If the police said it was serious,

then it meant that Sarah might be directly involved in the case.

Therefore, it was quite impossible if he wanted to let Sarah stay.

“Sarah, you just need to cooperate with the police’s investigation,” he said softly to Sarah, “I believe that you’re innocent. I’ll bail you out very soon.

We’ll hold our wedding on another day.”

“…Shaunic, I’m innocent. Shaunic, I’ll be waiting for you.”

After hearing his words, Sarah did not feel consoled. Instead, her heart fell into the depths of despair. She felt chilly.

She had never felt as lost or anxious as she was at that moment. She was afraid that Shaun would find out about her and Lucifer.

However, she could not scream or cry out in a panic. Otherwise, she would be exposed further.

She just prayed that the police had not discovered anything.

That way, she could still get married to Shaun after a few days.

The wedding came to an abrupt halt.

Shaun quickly calmed down. He said to the guests, “ Dear guests, I give my deepest apologies. You all came to attend our wedding amid your busy schedules, yet we were met with this incident. I feel very frustrated and regretful as well. Although today’s wedding has to be canceled, you can still stay back and enjoy a meal before leaving.”

Joel, who was sitting at the third table from the back, turned to Catherine and said, “Catherine, are we staying back to eat?”

“What for? It’s not like we don’t have the money to have a meal elsewhere.”

Catherine put down her glass and stood up. After all, she had only come to watch the fun. She was very satisfied after watching the scene just now. It was time for her to leave.

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