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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 765

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 765

At a seven-star seaside hotel, a wedding of the century was being held.

It was 11:48 a.m. when Catherine and Joel appeared together.

“ Isn’t that Catherine and Joel? Why did the father and daughter come?”

“The Yule family and the Hill family are old acquaintances, so it’s normal that Joel was invited. But it’s unexpected that Catherine would come.

She’s Shaun’s ex-wife, after all.”

“Tsk tsk, an ex-wife attending her ex-husband’s wedding. This is interesting.”

The whispers of the guests heightened the atmosphere to the maximum.

Shaun, who was meeting the guests on the lawn, heard everyone’s whispers and turned back to look. Catherine was walking over in a plain dress.

There were light green leaves embroidered on her dress. When the sunlight shone on her dress, it radiated a beautiful, blinding gold color. It also accentuated her curvy figure. She had an elegant temperament as if she was a vintage beauty.

Shaun was in a daze for a moment. He knew that she was beautiful, but he never knew that she could look so stunning when she wore such dresses.

The man of honor by his side, Chester, cleared his throat and reminded him, “Why is Catherine here?”

“I’m not sure.”

Joel was a senior, after all, so Shaun had to go forward and welcome him. “Uncle Joel— ”

“Mm. ” Joel glanced at him indifferently. “ I’m only here because of your grandparents.”

Catherine waved the invitation card in her hand. “I was invited by you guys. Honestly, I didn’t think that I, your ex-wife, would be able to receive your invitation.”

Shaun’s handsome face stiffened. He never had the thought of sending an invitation to Catherine, so who sent it to her?

Soon, Catherine and Joel went to the other side of the lawn. It was where the people of the Hill family stood. Suzie was dressed up like a princess. Lea was

bringing Suzie along with her by her side.

“Aunty Cathy. ” Suzie ran toward Catherine happily once she saw her.

Catherine carried Suzie naturally. She became absent-minded looking at the tailored flower girl dress that Suzie wore.

She never expected that the daughter she gave birth to would become the flower girl for Shaun and Sarah’s wedding. There were just all sorts of ridiculous things that would happen in life.

“Catherine, I haven’t seen you in a long time,” Old Madam Hill greeted her calmly.

“Grandpa, Granny.” Catherine nodded at them with a smile. She neither liked nor disliked the Hill family members.

Valerie was the only one who laughed with her mouth covered when she saw Catherine. “ Cathy, Shaun is already getting married. Have you gotten a boyfriend yet? Ah, I even thought of attending your and Shaun’s wedding. I never expected that…

Speaking of this, although you and Shaun were married back then, you both didn’t even have a wedding right?”

Joel’s expression darkened. “Let’s not talk about the past.”

“Oh, look at me. It’s my fault for being chatty.” Valerie hit her mouth lightly. “ I’m just lamenting about Catherine’s life. Even if she got to live in the Hill family’s manor for a little while, she couldn’t become the young madam of the Hill family in the end.”

“Shut your mouth.” Old Master Hill shot her an icy glance. “Go to the side if you don’t have any nice things to say.”

“Grandpa, it’s okay. The fact that I came today means that I’ve already let go of the past.” Catherine smiled faintly. “I’ll consider getting a boyfriend, but I’m still young. I’m not in a rush, and there are just too many suitors around me. My eyes get blurry just from having to pick one.”

Just as she finished speaking, she suddenly heard Isaac’s voice.

“Ms. Jones, Uncle Joel.” Isaac, who looked amazing, walked toward them. He waved to greet them while smiling. “Ms. Jones, if I knew you were coming, I would’ve gone to pick you and your father up.”

“There’s no need for such trouble,” Catherine said politely as she smiled.

“It’s not troublesome at all.” Issac grinned enthusiastically.

”You both are…” Old Madam Hill had a complicated expression on her face.

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