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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 762

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 762

“Find another person to be the man of honor. I’ll rush over in the afternoon. I have a debt to settle with Freya first, in case she escapes.” Rodney was torn between both sides for a moment, but in the end, he rejected Chester.

“…Okay, don’t be late.”

After the call ended, Rodney immediately had someone find out Freya’s address. Then, he sped over to that location.

Upon reaching Hackett Institute, no one answered the door despite him knocking for a long time.

After Freya looked at the man outside through the peephole, she ignored him and went back to sleep.

She did not believe that he could pry the door open as long as she did not open it.

It was proven later that she had underestimated that man’s fury.

Soon, Rodney kicked the door of Freya’s bedroom open.

When he saw that the woman on the bed was still sleeping soundly, a wave of anger rushed from the bottom of his heart to the top of his head.

“Freya Lynch, how can you still sleep at a time like this?” Rodney tossed away her covers. The woman under the covers only wore a pink nightdress. Her nightdress was messy and folded up from her sleep.

The sight of her fair skin filled Rodney’s view. His breathing became hot.

Those women in the morning had worn sexy strappy clothes too, but they could not compare to Freya’s figure. She had a thin waist and slender, long legs. Her chest was even more…

His gorgeous, handsome face flushed red.

Freya screamed. She picked up a sweater from her side and wore it frantically. “Rodney, you scumbag! ”

She took a pillow and smacked him across his face while she got dressed.

Rodney, who was hit right in the face, was furious. “ How dare you hit me? Freya Lynch, don’ t think I don’t know you were the one who called those women in last night. You were the one who

informed the reporters too, right? You’ve made my reputation hit rock bottom. My last name isn’t Snow if I don’t teach you a proper lesson this time.”

“I knew that you would accuse me, so luckily, I kept evidence. ” Freya took her phone out hurriedly. “I recorded it all. It was you who said you wanted it last night.”

She played the voice recording after she spoke. Rodney’s drunken voice could be heard.

“I want…”

“Okay, I’ll help you if you want it. You won’t blame me right?”

“No, I can never blame you.”

Rodney’s handsome face changed as he got angry. He could not believe that he would say such words last night.

“I’m being wronged here, ” Freya said while crying, “You kept touching me while hugging me last night. Maybe you mistook me for Sarah, but you still wanted to do it anyway. But I couldn’t take advantage of you and I knew that I wasn’t your type so, I had no choice but to make a call. You have a strong physique, so I was worried that one woman wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you. Therefore, I called five women over.”

“Shut up! ”

Rodney’s temples throbbed from anger. He would have a hole in his brain if he believed her words.

“I really didn’t know… that those women would be so ugly. I didn’t do it on purpose,” Freya said aggrievedly, “Maybe because they were too cheap. It was only 200 dollars per person.”

“200 dollars…?”

Rodney almost spat out blood.

Freya Lynch! She could go so far as to do that kind of thing.

“That’s right. I couldn’t possibly get you those women who charged 1,000 dollars. It would’ve cost me a few thousand dollars for a night. If you go back on your word and don’t pay me back later, I’d suffer a huge loss.” Freya had an innocent expression on her face. “By the way, I was the one who paid for the fees last night. You owe me 1,000 dollars.”

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