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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 761

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 761

Catherine was happy from looking at the comments.

“You’re the one who did this?” She returned the phone to Freya. Other people might not know, but she understood everything. Rodney was utterly devoted to Sarah. That was obviously a prank on him.

“Haha, that’s right. I met him at the bar last night. He was totally drunk, so I got a few women for him.” Freya was smiling. “Those women are way better than Sarah, right?”

Catherine glanced at her speechlessly. “You can prank him all you want, but you shouldn’t have called the reporters. I heard Rodney’s uncle will be running for president soon. If this issue gets big, it’ll surely alert the Snow family.”

“…Uh.” Freya felt slightly scared from listening to her words. “ It… most probably won’t? I’ve never heard of the Snow family being so petty.” “I’m not too sure as well, but… you might have ruined Rodney’s reputation. Just be careful.”

Catherine threw her a glance and then turned around to walk out. Freya went after her anxiously.

Suddenly, she saw an invitation card on the table. She opened it and had a look. It was Shaun and Sarah’s wedding invitation.

“Who sent you this?”

“This woman is so shameless.” She obviously invited you to the wedding to embarrass you and show off.

Are you going.?”

Of course, I have to go. My dad is invited too. I’m going with him.” Catherine smiled faintly. “This wedding may not be able to proceed smoothly anyway.”

“You have a point there.” Freya yawned. “I’m going to continue sleeping.”

At the hotel.

After Rodney finally managed to get people to chase the reporters and women away, he turned on his phone. When he saw the mocking comments left by the netizens, he almost went on a rampage.

Who was it ?

Which b*tch was playing a prank on him?

He remembered that he had gotten drunk last

night, and he had a vague dream. There was a fairy- like woman who had a pleasant scent. She smelled good and was so soft that he almost lost his senses.

In the end, when he woke up, it was that bunch of… hideous women.

There was a nauseating feeling in his stomach. He could not hold it in anymore and rushed into the bathroom to puke.

After puking, he immediately found the hotel manager to check the security cameras.

When he reviewed the security footage from dawn, he saw a woman helping him enter the hotel.

When he had a good look at the woman’s face, he almost went on a rampage.

Freya Lynch!

It was that b*tch, Freya Lynch!

She destroyed the reputation and image that he had spent all his life establishing.

He had to make her pay for this.

At that moment, Rodney’s phone rang. It was Chester calling him.

Chester cleared his throat twice and said while suppressing his laughter, “So that’s what you meant when you said you had something to do last night. Wow, Rodney. You usually stay away from women, but you made everyone surprised when you touched them. I can’t compare myself to you at all. But your taste is indeed peculiar. Can’t you have normal preferences?”

“Shut up!” Rodney shouted out of embarrassment. “I was set up by that b*tch, Freya.”

“I never knew that she was this creative.” Chester was gloating. “Did you lose your virginity last night?”

“Are you still even my friend?” Rodney gritted his teeth. “ If you are, you should help me remove the trending searches.”

“Fine, come over quickly. It’s Shaun’s wedding today. Don’t forget, you’re the man of honor.”

Chester reminded him kindly. Only then did Rodney remember that it was Sarah and Shaun’s wedding today.

He had felt miserable and distressed last night. However, after the trouble Freya had caused him, he only felt anger now. He did not even want to attend the wedding. He just wanted to look for that woman and settle the debt with her.

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