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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 756

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 756

Before Sarah flew into a fury, an icy voice suddenly sounded.

“Freya Lynch, apologize to Sarah right now.”

Rodney walked along the bluestone steps and approached her with a grim look on his handsome face.

Thomas looked at Rodney as if he was his life savior and immediately tottered toward him. “Young Master Snow, save me. This woman is too cruel. She beat me up the moment she saw me. She even wanted to hit my sister, but luckily, you came in time.”

“Rodney, you’re finally here.” Sarah’s eyes were red, and she looked aggrieved.

At the sight of the situation, Rodney lost his temper. He stared hard into Freya’s eyes as if he was going to eat her up. “A cruel woman like you wants to marry the wealthiest man in the world, e h? Dream on. Don’t think about leaving this place if you guys don’t kneel and apologize to them.”

Freya was speechless. “Hang on, what is your relationship with Sarah? Why did she look for you instead of Shaun when she was bullied? Could you guys be having an affair?”

“Don’t be absurd. Sarah is my friend.” Rodney’s blood boiled. He noticed that he had the urge to tear this woman’s mouth apart every time he interacted with her.

“What a wonderful friend you are to be at her beck and call.” Freya looked at Sarah with admiration. “I admire you. Not only do you have a wealthy boyfriend, but you also have a close friend who can protect you all the time. Having said that, I bet you can tell that Rodney likes you, right?”

“Freya Lynch, what nonsense are you talking about?” A look of panic washed over Rodney’s face as he quickly pulled Freya away. “Shut up.”

Sarah was not any better either. She had long since known that Rodney was interested in her. However, they had never talked about it openly. Now that Freya had exposed the matter in front of Sarah and Rodney, both of them were very embarrassed.

“Freya is right. I’ve noticed that long ago too, ” Catherine added. “You even asked me to divorce Shaun back then. I think it’s appropriate to call you Romeo for secretly bringing them together.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I heard you’ve never been in a relationship before.” Freya swept a weird glance at his crotch. “You… When you need to satisfy your needs, do you think about Sarah?”

“Freya Lynch, are you courting death?”

A rumble rang in Rodney’s head, and a furious look flashed across his handsome face. He could not resist reaching his hand to slap Freya on the face.

However, Freya was not a fool. She promptly shunned him and ran down the hill while holding Catherine’s hand.

Halfway through her run, she turned around and shouted, “Sarah Langley, you’re really awful.

You’re going to get married tomorrow, yet you got another man to be at your beck and call. Have you no shame? Also, I feel sorry for you, Rodney.”

Freya’s every word felt like a slap on Rodney’s and Sarah’s faces.

Sarah was embarrassed, while Rodney was mad and unspeakably distressed.

“Stay right there, Freya Lynch.”

At that point, he had no idea how to face Sarah, so the only thing he could do was go after Freya instead.

“Damn. He’s coming after us. Quickly run. ” Freya did not expect that. She was so frightened that she held Catherine’s hand and ran down the hill. It made Catherine feel like dying.

Fortunately, she was wearing a pair of flat shoes today. Otherwise, it would have been hell for her thanks to Freya.

When they finally got into the car, Catherine swiftly closed the door and locked it. Freya turned around and grimaced at Rodney, who was dashing toward them. “Are you planning to offend me for the sake o f Sarah? Don’t you still want the formula?”

Rodney took a deep breath amid his panting. Looking at her alluring eyes, he wished he could kill her straight away. “Are you that kind to give me the formula?”

“If you dare touch me, then you can forget about it,” Freya responded as she put on her sunglasses confidently.

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