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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 756

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 757

“Actually, I’m doing this for your own good. Sarah i s getting married tomorrow, so today is your last chance. If you don’t go for your happiness, it’ll be gone. You don’t have to thank me, though. I just hope that all shall be well and Jack shall have Jill. ”

Freya then waved at him and hurriedly urged Catherine to drive off.

In the few seconds that Rodney was stunned, the car left behind a trail of smoke and traveled away.

Rodney’s blood boiled.

Nevertheless, he had to admit that Freya’s words had hit his nerve, namely that Sarah was getting married.

Nobody knew that he had loved this woman for 14 years.

He fell for her when he was 16 and could not stop loving her ever since then.

However, Sarah was already in a relationship with Shaun by then, so Rodney did not want to be the third party. Besides, Shaun was his buddy. That was why he had been like a brother to her, silently wished her the best and protected her.

Now, his crush was finally getting married. He was happy for her yet sad for himself.

Who liked unrequited love? Who would not want to be with the person they loved?

The sound of footsteps came from uphill. It was Sarah and Thomas who were walking down together.

When Rodney met Sarah’s eyes, he forced a wry smile. “Rodney, did you manage to go after them?”

“No. They drove off, ” Rodney replied in a low voice.

Thomas looked dissatisfied, but his swollen face made him look even more ferocious. “ I’ll definitely get people to gang rape Freya, that b*tch.”

Rodney frowned and glanced at him with disgust.

Although Freya had beaten Thomas up, it was a fact that Thomas hurt her three years ago. It had been so long, yet Thomas was still as cruel as ever.

“Thomas, go and start the car, ” Sarah said upon noticing his sullen look.

“Alright.” Thomas walked away.

Sarah apologized profusely. “I’m sorry, Rodney. My brother… I don’t know what to say, but I’ll teach him a lesson and stop him from hurting others.

Today, Freya was just paying Thomas back for the harm he caused her that year. Let’s forget about it.”

Rodney immediately comforted her, “Sarah, don’t b e sorry. Don’t you know what kind of a person I am by now? I know he has been a drag on you.”

“Yeah. Because of this matter, Shaunic even had a row with me and ignored me recently.” A bitter smile crossed Sarah’s face. “I’ve tried not to care about him, but my parents are gone, and he’s my only family member left. Oh well, if he continues to do more bad deeds, I probably won’t save him anymore.”

Rodney nodded, and both of them fell silent.

A moment later, he hesitated before he said, “ Sarah, what Freya said just now…”

“Sorry, Rodney.” Sarah’s eyes reddened all of a sudden. “I’m aware of your feelings toward me. You’re a good guy. To be honest, you’re even better than Shaunic…”

“Don’t say that.” Rodney’s heart sank.

“ I know you very well. Shaunic got married when I was missing, but you didn’t.” Sarah looked dejected. “If I met you earlier, I might’ve fallen in love with you, but I met Shaunic before you. In this case, I can only treat you as my brother in this lifetime. I hope in my next life… I can make it up to you.”

“It’s fine.” Rodney was moved by Sarah’s words. Considering that it was her first time saying these things in front of him, he was very content. “ Relationships are all about timing. I have only myself to blame for meeting you later, but I’ll always treat you as my sister. If Shaun bullies you in the future, you can look for me. I’ll teach him a lesson on your behalf, even though he’s my buddy.”

“Thank you, Rodney. ” Sarah lowered her head and wiped her tears away.

Once Thomas arrived, she got into the car. From the rear-view mirror, she saw Rodney watching as they drove off.

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