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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 754

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 754

When Thomas came back to his senses, he aimed a punch at Freya in a fit of fury.

Nevertheless, Freya threw him over the shoulder, and he subsequently fell to the ground.

The ground was covered with mud, and within seconds, Thomas’s body began to hurt badly. “B* tch…”

“You can’t speak anymore, huh?” Freya stepped on his face.

“Brother.” Sarah was so exasperated that her expression changed drastically. She dashed toward Freya in an attempt to grab her, but Catherine was quick enough to stand in front of Freya.

“Hey, they’re settling their old scores. Why do you want to get involved?”

Catherine’s advice nearly made Sarah explode with anger.

Sarah did not care much for Thomas, but they were now together after all. Watching him getting beaten in front of her was humiliating for her too.

“Hurry up and call the police, Sarah. Inform Young Master Hill and Young Master Snow,” Thomas screamed in pain.

He had no idea what Freya had gone through over the years that gave her iron-like fists. Her punches had left him in excruciating pain.

“Freya Lynch, you b*tch, I’ll definitely deal with you later. Don’t run away if you have the guts. I will get a few guys over and mess around with…”

“You have such a filthy mouth. Let me fix it for you.” Freya lifted a medium-sized rock and knocked it over his mouth.

Thomas’s miserable scream filled the cemetery.

Sarah’s expression shifted slightly before she took out her phone to call Shaun. However, when she recalled how deeply Shaun resented Thomas lately, she ended up calling Rodney instead.

Instead of stopping Sarah, Catherine just watched a s Sarah made the call.

It was until the commotion alarmed the cemetery manager.

“What are you guys doing? If you want to fight, do i t elsewhere. Don’t disturb the peace of the dead. ”

Just as Sarah was about to speak, Freya was already nodding while covering her face. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this person. He’s my uncle’s son, and my uncle died because he drove my uncle crazy. My uncle was only in his 5os. They have never even visited to pay my uncle their respects when I was overseas for the last few years.”

Thomas widened his eyes, wanting to explain himself. However, his mouth had been punched so badly that a few of his teeth had fallen. It was very painful to open his mouth, so he could not speak properly.

The manager sighed. “Having managed this cemetery for so long, I’ve seen all kinds of people. There are some tombs that no one has ever come to pay their respects to for over ten years. As the younger generation, you need to have a moral conscience.”

“Mm. I won’t beat him anymore. Since this is how h e behaves, there’s no point beating him, ” Freya said sadly while she covered Thomas’s mouth.

“Alright. Just pay your respects and leave.” The manager left as soon as he finished his sentence.

Sarah was so mad that her face paled. “You both are… outrageous. When did my dad become your uncle? Have you no shame?”

“Don’t worry. Compared to you guys, we still have our sense of shame.”

Freya then let go of Thomas, whose face had swollen up. He wished he could tear Freya apart, but at the thought of how she dealt with him just now, he was too scared to approach her again.

Although he alone was not her match, all he had to d o was get a few more people to deal with her. By then, he would be able to kill her.

“You guys… Wait… Wait a minute.” Thomas grimaced in pain. “My sister… is getting married tomorrow. She’ll… become… Young Madam Hill… Then… I’ll take revenge on you guys. ”

Catherine glanced at the flowers in Sarah’s hand. “ Tsk. Did you come here just to show off to your dad?”

At the mention of her marriage the next day, Sarah became delighted. “As his daughter, I have to inform him that I’m getting married tomorrow. You guys have nothing to do with the Neeson family at all, so it’s about time you get lost.”

“Exactly. Get lost,” Thomas said.

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