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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 753

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 753

“…Yeah,” Suzie answered nervously. “Suzie.” Shaun suddenly bent down and said

earnestly, “The two of you are still young, so it’s okay. As you grow older, you need to understand that you can’t simply hold a boy’s hand.”

“Oh.” Suzie nodded. She would never grab a boy’s hand randomly. However, since Lucas was her brother, it did not matter.

“You can try and mingle with girls, ” Shaun advised.

“Uncle Shaun, don’t interfere in the way I make friends,” Suzie said with a pout.

Shaun did not utter a word after being treated with contempt.

Fine, she was still young. He would observe her slowly.

Little did he realize that Lucas was hiding behind the door, watching him when he took Suzie away.

The teacher was under the impression that Lucas admired Suzie for having a parent to pick her up, so

she comforted him gently, “Lucas, don’t worry. Your family will be here soon.”

“Mm.” Lucas dropped his gaze.

That was his scummy dad. It was Lucas’s first time hearing his scummy dad’s voice, and he was very tall too.

However, he was going to marry another woman soon. Unlike that silly Suzie, Lucas would not be deceived so easily. He would never accept his scummy dad.

The next day, at Evergreen Cemetery.

Catherine and Freya brought two bouquets of flowers to visit Boris and Jennifer’s tomb. After a long search, they finally found it.

In front of the tomb were a bouquet of flowers and ashes of paper money.

“Did someone just come and pay their respects?” Freya glanced at the fresh flowers. “It couldn’t have been Sarah and Thomas, those evil creatures, right?

I don’t think they’re so kind.”

“Of course, it couldn’t have been them.” Catherine found it strange too. After all, no one from the Neeson family had gone to the hospital to visit

Boris after something happened to him then. Also, considering that it was not a special occasion today, why would someone come and pay respects to them?

“Well… could it be that Charity is still alive?” Freya suddenly asked.

Catherine was slightly stunned. “I heard she can’t swim. Since she fell into the sea, she’s most likely dead.”

“Not only is she dead, but she is probably left with nothing as well.”

All of a sudden, Thomas’s mocking voice sounded behind them.

Catherine turned around to see Sarah and Thomas approaching them. Sarah was dressed beautifully in a red maxi dress. She did not look like she was here to pay her respects to Boris and Jennifer. Instead, she looked like she was attending a joyous event.

Thomas gave out an evil laugh as he stared at Freya. “Not bad. I haven’t seen you for three years, and you seem to have grown younger. Tsk, I still remember how you looked when I stripped you of your clothes back then.”

Freya’s pretty face darkened. “Thomas Neeson, you’re still as disgusting as ever.”

“Why are you acting pure? Do you think that you’re f*cking amazing just because you’re now a cosmetic chemist?” A look of disdain washed over Thomas’s face. “Anyhow, I’ve forced myself on you before. By the way, remember to lock your doors when you sleep at night. I might come and look for you in the middle of the night.”

With that, he shamelessly burst into laughter.

Although Sarah was disgusted by Thomas’s use of offensive words, she did not bother to stop him when she caught sight of Catherine’s and Freya’s furious expressions.

“Are you sure… you’re here to look for me?” Freya suddenly raised her brows and slowly walked toward Thomas.

“What are you trying to do? You’re not planning to beat me, are you? Only you? Haha…” Before Thomas could finish his sentence, Freya had slapped him in the face.

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