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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 750

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 750

Two days later.

Freya returned from Melbourne to Canberra at night.

Catherine personally picked her up.

“Damn, I was only away for a few days, and Suzie has become Liam’s daughter. ” Freya said glumly, “ Then, they can’t go back to the US with me. I’ll be bored and lonely alone there. Should I move my office to Canberra? My parents hope that I’ll be back for good as well.”

“Yeah, sure.” Catherine then asked, “Isn’t SE Group asking you to collaborate with them? You can work with them and beat Osher Corporation together.”

“Speaking of this, those people from Osher Corporation have been calling me every day. They’ve apologizing and begging me to go back.” At the mention of this matter, Freya was very smug.

At this moment, her phone rang with the call notification showing ‘Rodney Snow’.

Freya looked at Catherine and raised her brows before she arrogantly tapped the decline call button. “Ha, this is nonsense. You ignored me when I begged you the last time, but now, you’re out of m y league.”

Catherine chuckled. “It’s definitely going to cause Rodney trouble if you work with SE Group. The Snow family has many children. Rodney has an elder sister and a younger brother who are both very capable. But as a middle child, he’s neither capable or stupid. This is not to mention he has quite some cousins in his extended family. If he can’t even do well in his own company, the Snow family will surely lose faith in him.”

“It’s better if he’s not the heir of the Snow family, o r he’ll ruin their future, ” Freya teased. “It’s better for him to be Sarah’s henchman.”

Just as Catherine was about to speak, Logan suddenly called her. His voice on the other end sounded upset. “Damn, Lucifer is dead.”

Her expression changed. No one understood Logan’s skills more than she did. He already had actual battle experience despite his young age, so this person must be really powerful to be able to kill Lucifer under Logan’s protection. “Didn’t I ask you t o protect him? What happened?”

“You guessed it correctly. Lucifer was attacked when I tailed him tonight. On his way home, four people attacked him, and he was shot from a distance,” Logan said in annoyance. “Lucifer was given a death blow. Now that he’s dead, I think they wouldn’t dare to expose it. Those people dragged him into the car and buried him in a desolate mountain, but little did they know that I was following them.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m still on the mountain, but those people have left.” Logan was quiet for a moment before he continued, “Those people were wearing masks, but judging from their physiques and guns, they looked like hit men from Neah Bay.”

Catherine was astounded. “Why would Sarah be associated with those kinds of people?”

“I think… we don’t understand her well enough. After all, this woman survived under the control of a n atrocious man like Lucifer. Perhaps there’s someone secretly assisting her.”

Logan was deeply ashamed when said, “ Sorry, it was my negligence.”

“You did fine. Although I asked you to protect Lucifer, I understand that you couldn’t do anything

under those circumstances. I wouldn’t have wanted you to sacrifice your life to save him either.”

Catherine added softly, “I’m sure they didn’t expect you to be following them. Try and find a way to alert the police of Lucifer’s dead body. Lucifer had always been going to hotels and bringing women back to the apartment recently, so the police would naturally trace the information to Sarah. I guess Sarah’s marriage can’t go her way.”

Catherine put down her phone with a grim look on her face. “I have been secretly investigating Sarah i n the US over the past three years. I thought I understood her well, but it turns out that I underestimated her. Since she managed to get that bunch of atrocious people from Neah Bay to work for her, she must be no ordinary woman.”

“You should be careful. After all, you have Suzie and Lucas now,” Freya reminded her.


Regardless of who was secretly assisting Sarah, Catherine felt the need to expose her true nature.

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