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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 747

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 747

Shortly after Catherine left, Suzie stuffed a card into Lucas’s hand. “This is from our scummy dad. Take i t and spend it whenever you want. I have one too. Great-grandpa gave it to me.”

“I don’t want it.” Lucas tossed it back to Suzie and reminded her, “ Susan Jones, are you hoping that our scummy dad will get back together with Mommy?”

A guilty look flashed across Suzie’s eyes. “Actually … Our scummy dad is more attractive in real life than in photos. We’ll be honored if we go out with him…”

Lucas was at a loss for words. He knew that his sister was unreliable, considering that she admired people with good looks. “Don’t forget that he’s going to marry another woman. He’s a scumbag. If it weren’t for Mommy, who protected us back then, we might not have survived.”

Suzie instantly kept quiet.

“Also, don’t forget how well Uncle Wesley treats us,” Lucas reminded her bluntly. “All this while,

Uncle Wesley has been waiting for Mommy.” “Fine. I’m not going to matchmake them.” Suzie dropped her head.

Today, the preschool teacher talked about an important topic called “You Can’t Touch Me”.

The teacher said earnestly, “Children, if a stranger wants to touch your face, backside, or chest, you must not allow them to, alright? Also, don’t take off your pants or shirt in front of a stranger. Our body i s private and must not be exposed to others.”

Upon hearing that, Suzie furrowed her caterpillar- like brows. In the end, she raised her hand and asked, “Teacher, what happens if someone sees my naked body?”

“If it’s a stranger, you can call the police, ” the teacher responded seriously.

“What if it’s not a stranger?” Suzie pondered in distress. “Uncle saw Aunty’s body…”

The teacher was speechless.

“Ahem. Ahem.” It took the teacher a while before she regained her senses and answered reluctantly, “ Then, the man has to take the responsibility. If a boy sees a girl’s body, he must be responsible to the girl by marrying her. Otherwise, he’s considered a scumbag.”

Suzie did not seem to grasp the teacher’s message.

No wonder her Mommy lost her temper last night. I t turned out that Uncle Shaun was a scumbag.

After recess, Suzie borrowed the teacher’s phone to call Shaun. “Uncle Shaun, I’m in school.”

“Mm. Have you settled in?” Shaun asked gently.

“Yeah, I like it. Uncle Shaun, my teacher taught me something today. She says if a boy sees a girl’s body, he has to be responsible to the girl by marrying her, ” Suzie said solemnly. “You saw Aunty Cathy’s body last night.”

Shaun could not find the words to reply to her.

“Don’t think I don’t know what happened. Aunty Cathy told me last night. My teacher said you must b e responsible to the girl. Or else, you’re a scumbag.”

After that, Suzie hung up the call.

When Shaun heard those words in the office, his handsome face turned grim.

He could not believe that a brat was teaching him a lesson.

As he was spinning his phone, the scene last night flashed across his mind. Suddenly, his heart

tingled, and he wanted to hear that woman’s voice.

After hesitating for a moment, Shaun found Catherine’s number and dialed it.

“Yes, President Hill?” The woman’s solemn voice sounded.

Somehow, he was annoyed. “What medicine did you let me take this morning? I feel much better. ” “Keflex and some cold medicine.”


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