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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 746

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 746

Hence, Shaun wanted to make sure that his children grew up surrounded by parental love.

“I will. I’ll take good care of them,” Sarah said while tears fell from her eyes.

“ Sarah, I can’t trust you. I think we’re still young. Let’s talk about having children sometime later. ”

Shaun then looked away. “You can go back now. I still have a lot of things to deal with. By the way, you don’t have to prepare my lunch and bring it over anymore. I want you to have your own career rather than let your life revolve around me.”

Once he finished speaking, he sat on the office chair and began working.

Sarah was so angry that she nearly went mad.

However, all she could do was fake an aggrieved look while she walked out of the Hill Corporation’s office.

She had never expected that the image she had worked so hard to build would end up tarnished by a child instead of Catherine.

At this very moment, Lucifer called Sarah.

“Transfer me 1oo million dollars now. I’m strapped for cash.”

Sarah flew into a fury. “I’ve just given you 1oo million dollars not long ago. Are you treating me as a money-printing machine? Do you know how hard it is to earn 1oo million dollars?”

“ It’s hard to earn that amount, but isn’t it an easy task for Shaun?” Lucifer said unconcernedly, “ You’re going to marry the wealthiest man in Australia soon. Half of his wealth will belong to you anyway.”

His words made Sarah’s blood boil. “That’s right. I’m going to marry him, but he’ll notice it if I keep spending hundreds of millions of dollars on his card.”

“Just say that you’re buying some stuff, ” Lucifer answered impatiently. “Hurry up! I’m really desperate.”

“Please, Lucifer. Can’t you spend the money on something decent? Don’t think I don’t know you spend it on gambling, drinking, and hitting on women. I found out that you’ve brought women to the apartment several times. You better not be infected.”

“Shut up and watch your mouth. Am I supposed to rely on you to fulfill my needs if I don’t bring women in? You’re enjoying your life, huh? If I only mess around with you, I’ll be bored of you sooner or later.”

Sarah felt as if she was slapped on the face. A moment later, she lowered her gaze. “Fine, I’ll transfer the money to you.”

After she hung up the call, her eyes flashed with resentment and an urge to kill him.

She had to rid herself of Lucifer.

With that, she slowly took out her phone and dialed a number…

Shortly after Suzie finished her breakfast, Catherine received a call from Liam.

“Cathy, I can’t make it. That damned Shaun told me to return to the office because something came up. I made a frantic rush back, only to be asked to verify some forms. How infuriating. The thing is he didn’t let me go until I verified all the forms. He was obviously trying to stop me from seeing you. H e is such a despicable man.”

Catherine was suddenly at a loss for words. “It’s fine. I’ll send Suzie to preschool myself.”

“Go ahead. I’ve talked to the principal earlier,” Liam said glumly. “I’ll pick Suzie up in the evening.”


Catherine then personally sent Suzie to preschool. Suzie was in the same class as Lucas. Even the preschool teacher was unaware that Suzie and Lucas were twins, as Catherine only mentioned they were good friends.

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