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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 745

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 745

Sarah was shocked, but she tried to maintain a smile on her face. “Of course I do. Children are innocent and lovely, just like little angels. I like them very much.”

Shaun pursed his lips.

Sarah held his hand and lowered her eyes. “Shaun, I know my mistake last night made you very upset, but it was my first time handling a child, so I was at a loss. I promise I won’t do it again in the future. You can bring Suzie over more often to play next time, and I can practice more on how to take care of children.”

If Suzie dared to tell Shaun about what happened yesterday, she had a thousand ways to teach Suzie without her knowing it.

Even if Suzie died, Sarah could make it so that she had nothing to do with it.

“Practice?” Shaun frowned. “She’s just a little child. Just a little carelessness will get her injured. Even a fishbone or a fruit core might kill her.”

With a pale face, Sarah quickly explained, “That’s not what I meant. I’ll be really, really careful. I won’t let something like that happen…”

“Sarah, I don’t think you’re suitable to have a child for now.” Shaun suddenly interrupted her.

“Why? Just because I didn’t take good care of Suzie yesterday?” Sarah was so anxious that she almost cried. “Shaun, don’t you think you’ve been too biased lately? She’s Liam’s child, not yours. Yes, I admit that I didn’t do a good job, but you can’t take away my right to be a mother. I’m sure I’ll be very attentive to my own child.”

“Sarah, why did you threaten a child about destroying my relationship with you?” Shaun was already not feeling well, so when she started crying, he cracked. “Just because she’s not mine, you told her that her uncle and father don’t get along and that she’s just my niece. You said that if she ruins our relationship, you’ll make me dislike her when I have a child in the future.”

Sarah was dumbfounded.

She thought that Suzie’s frightened silence yesterday after she threatened Suzie meant that her threat was successful.

After all, Suzie was still so young. The speaking skills of most children at that age would not have fully developed yet.

Yet, that wretched brat actually turned around and told Shaun.

Shaun accused her, “You pushed her to the ground just because she got your clothes wet. The entire time, she was bathing alone while you played with your phone. Sarah, you’re not impatient. You just don’t like children at all. You have no love.”

Unlike Catherine, who would cook nutritious breakfast and dessert for the child, as well as comb her hair and brush her teeth.

She did not even dare to close the door when she was showering because she was worried about the child.

The more he compared, the more he felt like Catherine was better.

Back then, he even wanted to let Sarah take care of Catherine’s twins, thinking Sarah would take good care of them.

However, the fact was that she threatened a child that was only two years old. What about younger children then?

He did not dare to think about it.

Sarah’s lips quivered.

In the three years that she had been with him, this was the first time Shaun looked at her with such disappointment and anger in his eyes.

A wave of uneasiness washed over her.

She burst into tears of guilt. “ I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it, and I didn’t mean it. Yesterday, when I was bathing Suzie, one moment she said she was cold, and the next said she was hot. I felt that the water temperature was fine, so I became impatient with her. That was why I said those words to threaten her. But that’s only because I saw that some of my colleagues disciplined their children like that. I didn’t mean any harm. I just felt like Suzie didn’t like me.”

“But you have to remember that Suzie just lost her mother.”

Shaun could not be bothered to argue with her any longer. “In any case, children aren’t dogs or cats. If you decide to give birth to them, you have to take good care of them. Many things must be done by yourself. You can’t count on the nanny for everything. After all, the nanny didn’t give birth to the child. How would you know if the nanny will be good to her?”
Just like him. He used to be abused by his nanny.

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