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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 742

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 742

Shaun, who seldom fell ill, had caught a cold this time.

The next morning at 7:00 a.m.

Suzie was still fast asleep. However, Catherine had gotten in the habit of getting up early and preparing breakfast.

Since the little one spent the night here, she had to prepare a hearty meal.

When passing by the living room, she tried her best not to look at the figure lying on the sofa.

“Ahem.” Shaun’s cough sounded.

She pretended not to hear and took out a packet of pasta dough from the refrigerator.

“ I have a cold. ” Shaun’s ghostly voice sounded at the door.

She ignored him. She was afraid that if she turned around, she might be reminded of the embarrassing incident yesterday and might not be able to refrain from kicking him.

“I said I have a cold,” Shaun said again softly while walking up to her.

“ I don’t care if you have a cold. ” Catherine turned around and glared at him with her dark and clear eyes. There was a tinge of redness on her pretty cheeks.

Shaun’s sharp eyes picked up on her blush. Then, h e looked up and blurted out involuntarily, “ It’s all because I saw you take a bath yesterday. In the end, I couldn’t resist taking a cold shower, and then I caught a cold.”

They were all adults, so Catherine knew very well why he went to take a cold shower. However, it made her even more humiliated and angry. “How do you still have the nerve to say that? Who let you barge into my room yesterday?”

“I was cold, and you didn’t give me a quilt. It’s your fault for not closing the door.”

“How can I rest assured and close the door when the child is alone outside?”

Shaun stopped talking and stared at her seriously. The more he got along with her, the more he

noticed her attentiveness.

She was thoughtful no matter what aspect, unlike Sarah, who was sloppy enough to cause Suzie to choke on a fishbone.

If Catherine became a mother, she would definitely be a good mother.

“Why are you looking at me?” Catherine felt uncomfortable from his stare.

His thin lips moved, and he was just about to speak when there was an itch on his throat.

He looked away and coughed violently.

A snow-white hand suddenly touched his forehead, and Catherine lowered her eyes. “You’re a little feverish.”

“Mm. ” He looked at her eagerly. At that moment, he seemed like a weak child.

He looked a little like Suzie’s when she was sick.

Catherine said, “Go to the hospital. Don’t infect Suzie.”


Shaun’s whole face turned white with anger. He thought that she would, at least, be concerned about his cold, but she was just worried that he would infect Suzie instead. “Catherine Jones.”

He gritted his teeth. Mixed feelings of depression,

annoyance, and grievance welled up in him, and his body swayed uncomfortably.

Catherine subconsciously reached out to support him and found that his hands were also burning.

She sighed softly. There was no helping it. “Forget it. Why don’t you lie down first? You should eat something before taking the medicine. Taking medicine on an empty stomach will hurt your stomach.”

Shaun’s frown turned upside down as his face lit up. “Are you concerned about me?”

Even now, she was concerned about him hurting his stomach.

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