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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 739

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 739

Shaun did not know what to say.

Fine. Although he thought so too, he had not tasted the motherly taste of Catherine’s dishes yet. Maybe Catherine’s cooking tasted very similar to Suzie’s mother.

“Well, it’s normal for children to get hungry at this time. I’ll make you… a souffle.”

Catherine rubbed Suzie’s head and turned to the kitchen.

Suzie immediately followed at her heels like a kitten eager to be fed.

Shaun had never eaten souffle before, but he had heard Sarah mention that it was a dessert.

“It’s not good for a child to eat dessert so late at night. ” Shaun criticized her with a frown. He did not forget her blaming him for giving the cell phone to Suzie earlier, and she was no better.

Catherine ignored him and took out three eggs from the fridge. Then, she separated the yolk from the whites.

The bright egg yolks made her fingers look slender, and her clean, white wrists gave him an urge to hold her.

Shaun was lost in thought for a while until Suzie answered him, “The souffle Aunty Cathy makes isn’t that sweet.”

“Suzie, you seem to know everything. It’s as if you know her very well.” Shaun was doubtful.

Catherine answered without raising her head, “It’s because Liam has often asked me to take care of her, especially… just after her mother left.”

Only then did Shaun understand, but he became more displeased.

She made the souffle very quicHy as it finished baking in less than ten minutes.

Shaun noticed that she had only beaten the egg whites and added some butter before she sprinkled some raisins and nuts on it. It was very nutritious, much healthier than the cakes from out there. It was good for children to eat.

By the time the fragrance filled the kitchen, even a grown man like him wanted to eat it.

After baking, Suzie sat at the coffee table and ate the fragrant souffle.

In fact, Shaun was slightly envious.

He was envious that Suzie was a child. All she had to do was say the word, and Catherine would do anything for her.

When he went to the kitchen again, Catherine was i n the midst of cleaning up with a warm yellow light over her head. Although she usually looked like a breathtaking vixen during the day, she now somehow looked like a woman who exuded a maternal glow.

“You seem to… know a lot about children. ” Shaun suddenly said, “Usually, women who aren’t mothers yet are helpless when it comes to children, but Suzie likes you a lot and treats you like her mother.”

Catherine’s heart skipped a beat.

Suzie did not treat Catherine like her mother. Catherine was her mother.

However, she did not dare to reveal this.

She pretended to be calm as she brushed her hair. “ Of course I know a lot. I’ve read so many parenting books when I was pregnant, but unfortunately, I wasn’t given the opportunity to use that knowledge. Maybe you won’t understand that feeling.

“When I was abroad, I’d think of the children I lost when I see other children, and my heart would soften. I’d think that if my children were still here, they would definitely be as cute as them. So over time, I became fond of playing with children and slowly understood them.

“Hah, forget it. Talking to you is like casting pearls before swine, but I am quite happy that Suzie likes me. She’s such a poor kid.”

There was an inexplicable pain in Shaun’s heart.

How would he not understand? Like her, seeing Suzie now often reminded him about his own children.

Upset, he then changed the topic. “Why would you help Liam take care of his daughter? Don’t you think he’s… someone with a very messy private life?”

“Sorry, I don’t think he is.”

Catherine glanced at him in disgust. “At least he didn’t have an affair when he was married, and he didn’t force his wife to sign the divorce papers.

Even if he’s a scumbag, he’s a straightforward and open scumbag, but you’re just a complete and utter scumbag. ”

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