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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 738

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 738

Having been accused, Shaun glared at her with dissatisfaction. “You have a lot of nerve to say that. I f you didn’t scold her so suddenly, would she have been startled and dropped my phone? You’re the one at fault.”

“Shaun Hill, do you not understand at all? She’s still young, and her eyes are not fully developed yet, so she can’t play with mobile phones. ” Catherine walked up to Suzie very seriously. “Were you right or wrong?”

Shaun thought Suzie would be afraid and start to cry. Just as he was about to scold Catherine, Suzie nodded obediently. “I was wrong. I won’t play with mobile phones anymore.”

“If you want to watch cartoons, you can turn on the TV and watch for a while. But you can’t watch them on mobile phones.” Catherine’s tone changed to a very gentle one again.

Suzie nodded obediently and even extended her hands towards Catherine for a hug.

Catherine picked her up, and Suzie immediately buried her face in Catherine’s arms.

Those who did not know would think that they were mother and daughter.

Shaun was very surprised.

Before he could ponder about it, Catherine turned and said to him, “Don’t just use mobile phones to solve the problem. Mobile phones are addictive.

You’ll harm her for a lifetime. Since your phone broke, you should take it as a lesson.”

Shaun was speechless.

Not only did he lose a phone, but it seemed he also deserved to have it broken.

He said in annoyance, “ If you didn’t come back so late, I wouldn’t have let Suzie play with the phone because I was afraid she’d be bored. You only came back forty minutes after I called you. Were you so reluctant to part with Isaac Stringer?”

“Yeah. I actually wanted to bring Isaac back tonight. If you hadn’t suddenly brought Suzie here,

I wouldn’t have let him go back alone. ” Catherine took out the keys and glanced at him with disgust.

“You’ve only known Isaac for such a short time, yet you want to bring him back for the night?

Catherine, you’re too fickle.”

Shaun was irritated. He could not picture Isaac and Catherine in bed. If he did, it would make him feel like killing someone.

Sensing his gaze, Suzie shrunk in Catherine’s arms i n fear. “Uncle, you’re scary.”

Shaun froze. Was he that scary?

“You’re insane. How am I fickle? We’re already divorced, so it’s normal if I have contact with other men. There’s nothing unusual about letting things g o their natural course.”

Catherine opened the door as she spoke.

Shaun’s face darkened as he listened, and his fists clenched until they cracked.

However, Catherine seemed not to notice. She carried Suzie to the sofa instead and asked gently, “ Where does it hurt?”

“My arm.” Suzie raised her arm.

Catherine rolled up Suzie’s sleeve, and when she saw that her elbow was bruised, she frowned. “How did you get hurt?”

Suzie silently looked at Shaun, and Shaun looked away awkwardly. “She fell.”

“It’s okay. You’ll be fine after applying some ointment.”

Catherine took out the ointment and applied some on Suzie.

Ever since she had children, she had made it a habit to keep ointment for falling injuries at home because it was common for children to stumble.

“Aunty Cathy, I’m hungry,” Suzie suddenly said.

“Didn’t you eat dinner?” Shaun was confused. “ Was it not enough?”

“Uncle, can I tell the truth?” Suzie pouted. “Go ahead.”

“Aunty Zara’s food isn’t as delicious as Aunty Cathy’s, ” Suzie said and quickly lowered her head. “ The chef at the manor also doesn’t cook as well as Aunty Cathy. Aunty Cathy’s cooking has a motherly taste.”

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