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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 737

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 737

“Isaac Stringer.” Catherine said faintly.

Shaun’s handsome face clouded over. He really wanted to scold her, but they were already divorced, so he had no reason to accuse her. “Come back right now. Suzie is injured. I’m at your door.”

“What?” Catherine’s nervous voice sounded. “How did she get injured? Where’s Liam?”

“ I don’t know. Liam is an irresponsible guy. Come quickly. Suzie is crying and says she wants you.” Shaun actually did not expect much when he said that. After all, Suzie was not Catherine’s daughter.

To his surprise, Catherine said, “Okay, I’ll come back now.”

After hanging up the phone, Shaun lowered his head and looked at Suzie beside him. He did not expect that Catherine would be so concerned about Suzie. It was as if Suzie was her daughter.

On the other end, Catherine hung up the phone and immediately said to Issac, “Sorry, something came up at home. I need to go.”

“I’ll send you back.” Issac got up.

“No need, I’ll just drive back by myself.”

Catherine hurriedly left the scene. Once she got into the car, she quickly called Liam. “Why is Suzie with Shaun? Do You know that she got injured? Liam Hill, although Suzie isn’t your daughter, she’s still your niece. Can you be a little more concerned about her?”

“She’s injured? Liam was shocked. “Wait, I’m not at fault. It was your little princes who wanted to go to Shaun’s villa. She even told me to play along as an irresponsible father. Do you think I have it easy?”


Catherine suddenly felt a headache. “What does she plan to do?”

“She said she wanted to help you teach that wicked stepmother a lesson.”

Catherine rubbed her temples. “Okey, I’m sorry. I was wrong about you. Shaun brought Suzie over to my place now, so I have to hurry over. “

“It seems like Suzie is quite capable. Since she tricked Shaun over to your place at this time of the night, I’m guessing she wants to matchmake you with Shaun again.” Liam laughed with mirth.

“Hah. I’m not interested in a piece of dog sh*t like Shaun Hill.”

After Catherine hung up the phone, she was not as worried anymore.

She figured that Suzie’s injury might not be serious. That weird girl must have done it on purpose.

– At g 30 p.m., she walked out of the elevator to see Shaun leaning against her door with Suzie sitting o n his shoulders. Both her hands were on his head as she watched cartoons with Shaun’s phone. The scene made Catherine’s heart stutter.

When she was pregnant with the twins, she was full of expectations. She had imagined this image before.

Since Shaun was so tall, she thought their future daughter could definitely sit on his shoulders and play.

Now that she had given up hope, the scene came true.

However, it was only for a moment. She snapped back to her senses and subconsciously became strict. “Shaun Hill, you let her play with your phone?”

Suzie was so startled that the phone fell from Shaun’s head with a ‘barn’. It fell to the ground with the screen facing down.

The corridor was eerily quiet for a while. Shaun then bent to lower Suzie down and picked up the phone. The whole screen was shattered.

Suzie’s eyes flashed with panic. “Uncle, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a phone. I’ll get a new one.” Shaun gently appeased her.

Suzie’s guilty heart gradually calmed down.

Catherine was shocked when she saw this. In her memory, Shaun was irascible, cold, and mean. She never expected that there would be a warm side to him. Was it because they were related by blood? Nevertheless, she quickly frowned again. “Your method of education is wrong.”

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