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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 734

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 734

Under the warm yellow light, Sarah gritted her teeth and wanted nothing more than to slap Suzie.

After dinner, Suzie wanted to take a bath.

Shaun had no experience in bathing children, so he could only ask Aunty Zara to bathe her.

However, Suzie shook her head. “Mommy said I can’t let strangers look at my body. Aunty Sarah, can you bathe me?”

She looked at Sarah expectantly.

Sarah’s scalp tingled. “I… I don’t know either…” ‘Besides, we’re not that familiar, okay?’

“Forget it. I won’t bathe.” Suzie lowered her head. “ Uncle can’t bathe me either. It’s improper for a boy and girl to touch.”

Shaun laughed and turned to Sarah. “Just bathe her. Haven’t you been thinking of having a child? You can get some practice first.”

Sarah stomped her feet and acted like a spoiled child. “ I shouldn’t be the only one responsible for the child. When the time comes, we’ll definitely hire a nanny. We can just leave bathing the child to the nanny.”

Suzie tilted her head with a puzzled look. “But all m y baths used to be with Mommy, and she even washed my clothes. She said I’m her most precious baby. Even though she’s tired, she will not feel so as long as she thinks of me.”

Sarah’s face stiffened. Deep down, she slandered that Suzie’s mother was just a barmaid, so she must be too poor to hire a nanny.

However, she merely said in a gentle tone, “That’s different.”

“How is it different?” Suzie became more confused.

Sarah did not know how to respond to her, but when she saw Shaun’s eyes turning darker, she finally said, “Fine, I’ll bathe you.”

She just wanted to bathe Suzie as quickly as possible and be done with it.

With that, she went to fill the bathtub with water.

When Suzie went in, she said it was too hot, and then it was too cold. After multiple back-and-

forths, Sarah gradually lost patience. Her beautiful face looked more and more unpleasant.

She could resist warning in a low voice, “Shut up. If you dare make a fuss again, I won’t allow your uncle to bring you here anymore.”

Suzie stared at her with fear.

When Sarah saw this, she said, “You better believe me. I’m about to marry your uncle, and we’ll have children in the future. Your uncle will never be your father. No matter how much he dotes on you, you’re just his niece. Your dad doesn’t share the same father as your uncle either. Do you know that your dad and uncle have had a bad relationship

since they were young? They usually never talk to each other.”

Suzie looked down and revealed a frightened expression. She stopped talking all at once.

Sarah smiled and lowered her voice again. “But don’t worry. As long as you’re obedient and don’t get in the way of your uncle and my feelings, I won’t dislike you.”

“Thank you, Aunty. I don’t want to bathe anymore.” Suzie came out of the water and shivered. “It’s so cold.”

“Just bear with it…” Sarah had just finished speaking when Suzie threw herself into her arms.

Suzie was completely wet, so Sarah’s expensive silk pajamas were also drenched.

Sarah subconsciously pushed her away.

That was when Suzie fell to the ground and started to wail.

“Suzie, what happened?”

Shaun heard the child’s heartbreaking cries inside and immediately rushed in. However, what he saw was Sarah sitting on a stool while Suzie sat naked on the cold floor, crying.

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