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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 730

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 730

“Yeah.” Suzie quickly nodded and blinked hard, causing tears to fall. “Every time I eat your food, Aunty, I think of Mommy. Just now, I thought of you as my mommy.”

Then, she suddenly jumped into Catherine’s arms. “ Aunty, can you be my mommy?”

The little drama queen’s performance was moving too fast. Even Catherine, a self-proclaimed acting genius, could not keep up with her daughter’s rhythm.

It was a pity that this girl was not an actress. She could definitely debut as a child star.

“No.” Before she could answer, Shaun’s face changed and he said in a low voice.

Suzie looked at him and was so scared that she buried herself in Catherine’s arms. She started to cry. “Uncle is so scary.”

“Why are you being so fierce to a child?” Catherine glared at him angrily.

Shaun did not mean to scare Suzie, but just the thought of Catherine marrying Liam made his body involuntarily let out a cold aura.

“ Suzie, I’m sorry.” He quickly apologized in a low voice. “But you’re still young, so there are some things you don’t understand. Aunty Cathy can’t marry your dad.”

“Why not? I don’t understand.” Suzie feigned ignorance. “Daddy isn’t married, and Aunty Cathy isn’t married either. They’re a good match.”

“How are they a good match? ” Shaun gritted his teeth and completely disagreed. “Aunty Cathy is my ex-wife. It’ll be a mess if she marries your dad.

Your great-grandparents won’t agree.”

“Oh.” Suzie thought about it seriously. “Then why don’t you marry Aunty Cathy, Uncle? That way, Aunty Cathy will also become my family member.”

After her words fell, the living room became strangely quiet.

Shaun subconsciously looked at Catherine. She lowered her head and tucked a lock of hair behind her ears, exposing her beautiful and gentle profile.

“We can’t,” she said gently. “We were married before, but we divorced because we aren’t suited for

each other. Your uncle is going to get married soon too. He’ll have a beloved wife, so you have to accept that.”

“Oh, I remember now. It was that aunty in the morning. ” Suzie suddenly gave Shaun a gloating look. “Uncle, you’re so miserable. Your future wife’s food isn’t good, but I can come to Aunty Cathy anytime I want to eat delicious food.”

Shaun felt like he was paralyzed again, and the words made him… very uncomfortable.

He had not thought so before, but after today, he found that he preferred to spend time with Catherine instead.

The two of them had gotten along when they brought Suzie to the supermarket. If they were a family of three, they could eat delicious meals cooked by Catherine and occasionally go to the playground together. That sounded really good.

However, he understood that he had already decided to marry Sarah. There was no going back on many things.

“Alright, you should go back. I’ve already called Liam. He’ll come and pick Suzie up later.” Catherine chased him out. “It wasn’t easy to finish the renovation in this house. I don’t want Thomas

Neeson to get someone to trash this place again if the Neeson family finds out that you’re here.”

Shaun became upset. “No need, I’ll bring Suzie with me. You don’t know how to take care of children at all, so I don’t trust you to take care of our Hill family’s little treasure.”

“I don’t know how to take care of children?” Catherine thought she had heard a joke.

She was single-handedly raising two kids. He knew nothing.

“Did I say anything wrong?” Shaun raised his eyebrows.

“Fine, everything you say is right. Go.” Catherine chased them away. “I have something to do later.”

“Aunty Cathy, I’ll tell Daddy to bring me to you again tomorrow. ” Suzie waved. Although she did not want to leave her mommy’s side, if she insisted on staying longer, her scummy daddy would get suspicious.

Shaun carried Suzie downstairs and squatted down, saying seriously to her, “Suzie, you can’t keep telling your daddy to bring you to Aunty Cathy.”

“Why not?” Suzie immediately became upset. “ Uncle, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have asked
you to bring me to Aunty. I like her a lot, but you won’t let me meet her.”

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