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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 729

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 729

Shaun’s gaze suddenly became complicated.

He thought that even if Thomas did not compensate them, Sarah would, since she was a kind person. After all, she always acted guilty and innocent in front of him.

Catherine ignored him and brought the groceries to the kitchen to cook.

Suzie sat on the sofa and watched TV. Soon, the aroma wafted over from the kitchen.

Shaun had not eaten lunch, so his stomach rumbled at the smell.

4o minutes later, Catherine brought the dishes out.

Shaun looked at the braised pork and sweet and sour ribs on the table, finding them inexplicably familiar.

Catherine gave Suzie a portion. Shaun did not expect her to serve him a portion, so he went to get himself a plate. However, when he came, there was nothing left.

“Catherine, you didn’t cook my portion?” His eyes widened.

“You didn’t say you wanted to eat. Plus, I only agreed to cook for Suzie, not you. What? It’s already 3:00 p.m. Haven’t you eaten, Eldest Young Master Hill?”

Shaun gritted his teeth. “ I brought her to see you. When would I have the time to eat?”

“Oops. If you’re hungry, you can go look for Sarah. I’m not responsible for you.” Catherine helped Suzie to the best slices of roast pork and picked out the bones from the fish before giving them to Suzie.

Suzie’s cheeks were stuffed as she ate, looking like a little squirrel.

After swallowing the food, she said vaguely, “Your cooking is really good, Mommy.”

Shaun, “….”

He knew the food was delicious, so he wanted to eat as well.

It was as though Suzie could hear Shaun’s inner thoughts. She kindly gave him a piece of braised pork. “This is my favorite. Try it.”

Shaun took a bite and felt his appetite growing.

It was too delicious!

He could eat three portions of this.

However, Suzie ignored him after giving him a piece.

He could only use a fork to take the food himself. He could only eat the meat.

Catherine had not cooked much, and the father and

daughter had the same preferences. In a short time, the roast pork was almost finished.

Suzie grabbed the bowl and said pitifully, “Uncle, you can’t eat it. It’s mine. I’m not full yet.”

Shaun watched as the delicious food entered Suzie’s mouth, and his stomach felt even more uncomfortable.

Catherine cleaned the dishes and gave Suzie some homemade yogurt topped with a layer of strawberry jam.

Suzie ate a large cup with satisfaction and blurted

out, “It’s delicious, Mommy.”

Catherine’s hands shook.

Shaun looked at Suzie in astonishment. “What did you say?”

Suzie almost covered her mouth with her hands. Oh no, she had a slip of the tongue.

Fortunately, Catherine reacted quickly enough and gently stroked her head. “Did you think of your.”

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