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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 728

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 728

Shaun swiftly started the car. Through the rear- view mirror, he saw Suzie snuggling up in Catherine’s arms.

For a moment, he felt like the three of them were a family and he was bringing his wife and child out to go shopping.

That feeling did not annoy him. On the contrary, he felt that his chest was filled to the brim.

In the backseat, Catherine whispered into Suzie’s ear, “You little rascal. Aren’t you afraid of being exposed?”

“I won’t be, Mommy. They all believe that I’m Uncle Liam’s daughter, ” Suzie said softly, “That vicious woman went to the company to find my scummy dad in the morning. I don’t like her so I tricked him into coming out. Mommy, I’m helping you get payback.”

Catherine did not know whether to laugh or cry, but there was a sweetness in her heart.

Her quick-witted daughter was really smart. “Fine. Stay away from that woman. You’re still small, so you don’t know how scary people can be. Mommy doesn’t want to lose you.”

“It’s okay. Scummy dad likes me a lot. I’ll definitely make him like me more than that bad woman,” Suzie said confidently.

Catherine looked at her seriously. “Suzie, do you like Shaun?”

“He’s okay. He’s handsome, so he’s not an eyesore.”

Suzie’s eyes were sparkling when she spoke. It was clear that she liked him.

Catherine, “….”

Well, it was clear her daughter had taken after her when it came to her taste in men. She only cared about a man’s face and nothing else. She would have to educate Suzie later.

At the supermarket, Catherine took a trolley and carried Suzie to let her sit in it.

However, Suzie was too heavy and she could not lift her high enough. Then, Shaun came over and reached out to hold Suzie firmly, easily placing her i n the trolley.

She glanced at his arm, and Shaun smiled slightly when he noticed her gaze. “Men are stronger.”

Catherine smiled. “Yes, you’re stronger than me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been pushed down by you.”

The smile on the corners of his mouth gradually disappeared.

He knew that she was talking about three years ago. When he pushed her down, she ended up losing the children.

Shaun’s face immediately turned cold.

Suzie asked innocently, “Uncle, why did you push Aunty Cathy? Did you know her before this?”

“Oh, we didn’t just know each other. We were… very familiar with one another, ” Catherine said meaningfully.

“Oh, I get it. You were in love,” Suzie suddenly said in realization.

Catherine choked.

Shaun did not dare continue the conversation and hurriedly looked around to change the topic. “ Where are the ribs?”

“There’s chocolate! I wanna buy it.” Suzie suddenly pointed to the front.

“No. Your teeth will rot.” Catherine refused immediately.

“Uncle, I wanna eat chocolate. ” Suzie pouted and began acting cute at Shaun.

“Okay. It’s fine if you eat it once in a while. ” Shaun indulged her unconditionally.

Catherine felt her head hurt. Suzie would be spoiled rotten by them.

After buying the ingredients, the three of them returned to Hackett Institute.

When Shaun stepped in, he saw that all the furniture inside had changed. The TV, air conditioner, sofa, refrigerator, and even the kitchen were changed.

He knew that Thomas Neeson had smashed her home, but he did not expect the damage to be so extreme. “Were… all the furniture changed?”

“ Isn’t it obvious? Even the wallpaper needed to be changed. Everything became useless. ” Catherine glanced at him coldly.

Shaun was silent for a moment before taking out a card from his pocket and handing it to her. “How much did it cost? I’ll compensate you.”

He thought that she might refuse, but unexpectedly, she took it without a word. “You ought to compensate us,” Catherine said coldly, “He did go to jail, but he didn’t have to pay a single penny. You really should talk to the Neeson family. This isn’t what a sincere apology is.”

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