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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 726

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 726

Soon, the famous chefs of Hill Corporation’s restaurants were summoned to cook Suzie’s favorite dishes.

However, Suzie only took a few bites before sobbing again. “I don’t like it. It’s not as good as Mommy’s cooking. Mommy’s food tastes fresh and fragrant, and there are many sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Actually, I already know… that I can never eat Mommy’s cooking again.”

As she spoke, two streams of tears came flowing out of her eyes. However, she did not make a sound.

She did not know that when she cried like that, it only intensified Shaun’s heartache. This little child was too sensible.

He also knew that kind of pain. When he was young, although he had a mother, it was as if he did not.

“Suzie, let’s go find your Daddy, okay?” Shaun really had no choice.

“Okay, tell Daddy to bring me to Aunty Cathy. Aunty Cathy’s cooking is also delicious. It tastes

like my mommy’s cooking.” Suzie sniffled.

“Aunty Cathy?” Shaun paused. “You mean Catherine Jones?”

That damned Liam Hill! He had even brought his daughter to meet Catherine before. How shameless could he be?

“ I don’ t know, I just call her Aunty Cathy. Aunty Cathy is really pretty. She’s the prettiest aunty I’ve ever seen, and she treats me really well. Will she become my new mommy?” Suzie suddenly raised her innocent eyes and asked.

Shaun’s mouth twitched hard.

Catherine becoming Liam’s wife and Suzie’s new Just thinking about it caused anger to surge from deep within his heart.

“It’s impossible between them.”

“Why? I want to always eat Aunty Cathy’s cooking,” Suzie said with her head down.

Shaun looked at her for a moment and picked her up. “I’ll take you to her and tell her to cook for you. ”

“Okay! ” Suzie almost jumped with joy. At this time,

Lucas should be at kindergarten, so she would not be found out.

1:30 p.m.

Shaun once again came to Hudson Corporation.

However, the security guard in the underground parking lot did not let his car enter today after hearing Catherine’s instructions.

He could only bring Suzie in through the main entrance of the company.

When the receptionist saw Shaun holding a two- year-old child who was a spitting image of him, she was completely stunned. The security guards at the door were also a bit overwhelmed, and everyone began to talk in whispers.

“Oh my God, is that Eldest Young Master Hill’s daughter?”

“Of course, she is. She must be his biological daughter.”

“When did he suddenly get a daughter that big? She looks like she’s more than two years old. Could the mother be our president? I feel like she looks a little like President Jones.”

“It’s very possible.”

No one dared to stop Shaun, and he walked unhindered all the way to the president’s office.

Catherine was meeting with several department managers when Shaun suddenly barged in with Suzie in his arms.

Never mind the several department managers who got a fright, but even Catherine felt her soul almost leave her body.

“Chairwoman Jones, is this… the child between you and President Hill? ” a manager asked cautiously.

Catherine, “ ”

Could she deny it? Had Suzie been exposed in just two days?

Just then, Suzie looked at her and called out sweetly, “Aunty Cathy, I missed you so much.”


Catherine’s brain was unable to catch up to Suzie’s quick-witted thinking. “ She’s my niece.” Shaun glared at the managers. “ Sorry, but please go out for a while. I need to talk to your chairwoman.”

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