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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 725

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 725

Sarah’s heart that just felt relieved received another shock. Just how exactly did she look like an employee?

“No, she’s my fiancée, ” Shaun explained. “Hello, Aunty,” Suzie greeted Sarah sweetly.

“Hi.” Sarah smiled sheepishly. “ Shaunic, I never knew you liked kids. Looks like we should quickly have one of our own.”

“Yes, ” Shaun replied calmly, “Maybe it’s because this child looks a lot like me.”

“It’s okay. Our future child will look even more like you.” Sarah smiled with her hands covering her mouth.

Suzie’s eyes were downcast. She showed a disappointed look and grabbed Shaun’s sleeve tightly. “Uncle Shaun, will you not love Suzie anymore when you have your own child in the future?”

Her dark eyes were filled with fear and disappointment. Her face was pale, and her forehead was still wrapped in bandages.

Shaun felt a pinch in his heart. He coaxed her in a low voice, saying, “I won’t. Even if I have a child in the future, I’ll still like you, Suzie.”

“Thank you, Uncle Shaun.” Suzie gave him a peck o n the cheek.

Sarah’s expression stiffened. Although Suzie was only a little more than two years old, she instinctively hated that little girl.

Furthermore, Shaun treated Suzie very tenderly. He did not even treat her like that usually.

“Shaunic, today we— ”

“Uncle, is this your food?” Suzie asked all of a sudden.

“Yes.” Shaun saw the anticipation in the little brat’s gaze. He raised his eyebrows. “Are you hungry? Do you want some?”

“Okay. ” Suzie took a spoon and started digging in. She frowned after taking a few bites. “Wow, this tastes so bad. It’s not as delicious as my mom’s cooking.”

Sarah’s face almost contorted from anger. Suzie ate the food she made and even said that it tasted terrible.

Shaun did not notice as he felt the same way as Suzie. He thought that the food tasted terrible too. “ Is your mom’s cooking very delicious?”

“Yes, the pork ribs, roast pork, garlic butter prawns, and mashed potatoes that my mom makes are super delicious.”

Somehow, Shaun suddenly recalled the garlic butter prawns that Catherine had once made him.

Although he only had it once before, he could still remember the taste of that dish.

He was sure that Suzie would like it too.

“Ah, I suddenly miss my mom’s cooking. ” Suzie’s eyes suddenly reddened, and tears started trickling down her face.

Shaun felt a pain in his heart. He remembered Lea telling him yesterday that this little girl’s mom had passed away from cancer.

“Don’ t cry. I’ll have someone make pork ribs for you if you want to eat it.”

“But I miss my mom. I really miss her.” Suzie cried even harder.

It was the first time Shaun was faced with a crying child. He was in panic and at a loss.

He could only cast a glance at Sarah to seek help.

However, Sarah did not have any experience with children either. Not only that, but she also hated Suzie from the bottom of her heart.

She hesitated for a moment and stammered, “Why don’t we bring her to look for her mom? Kids always want to be near their moms.”

She thought Liam had an illegitimate daughter outside and that the identity of the child’s mom was dishonorable to the Hill family. Therefore, the Hill family took the child back, stopping the child and mom from meeting each other.

However, Suzie cried even louder when she heard Sarah’s words.

Shaun glared at Sarah exasperatedly after he heard her words. He snapped, “Her mom has already passed away! ”

Sarah’s eyes reddened from being yelled at. “How would I know…”

Nevertheless, Shaun could only hear Suzie’s cries at that moment. He did not have time to care about Sarah.

“You should go back first.” He carried Suzie and headed toward the company’s eateries.

Sarah, who was left behind, stomped her feet in anger. Where did that brat come from? She was so hateful.

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