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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 724

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 724

Fortunately, it was already past the hour where employees were coming to work. Otherwise, Catherine could imagine every female employee in the company staying back to admire his good looks.

“Why are you here again?” Catherine walked over i n her high heels. She tapped on his car with her fair fingers. “President Hill, you can’t park here.”

Shaun glanced down at her. She was utterly bare – faced and did not wear any makeup that day.

However, that did not affect her beauty in the slightest. Instead, it made her little face look clean and soft. Her features looked even tidier and exquisite when she was not wearing makeup.

He unbuttoned one of the buttons of his shirt where his chest area was. His mouth felt dry.

“This… is yours.”

He retrieved a velvet box from his car. He opened it and revealed The Queen’s Necklace that was inside it. Catherine was taken aback.

The Queen’s Necklace had been bought by him for her in Melbourne at the price of three billion dollars. It was also evidence of their love.

She had been carefully keeping it until three years ago when she fell into despair. She ended up forgetting about it and leaving it behind.

“It used to be mine, but it’s no longer mine now.” Catherine smirked, but her eyes were downcast. She hid the complicated feelings in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Shaun frowned.

“You gave it to me as a gift before, but maybe you don’t remember, ” Catherine said calmly.

Shaun’s eyes darkened. “It must’ve been you who insistently begged me to buy it for you.”

Catherine laughed. “Think what you what, but we’re divorced now. You can give it to Sarah.”

She walked past him after she spoke.

Shaun grabbed her wrist instinctively. He put the box in her hands. “ Sarah will not want something that you’ve worn before. Take it.”

Catherine glanced down at the box. She felt a sense of self-deprecation. It turned out that he was only giving it to her because Sarah did not want it. “Okay.”

She accepted the box and left.

After entering the lobby where the elevators were, there was a trashcan in the corner. She simply threw the box in it.

Shaun’s pupils constricted. He said coldly, “You’re throwing something so expensive just like that?”

“Since you wanted me to take it, I have the right to decide what I want to do with it.”

Catherine pressed the button for the president’s private elevator. She walked into the elevator, closed the doors, and left.

Shaun walked up to the trash can. He took the velvet box out. Looking at the diamond necklace inside, he started to seriously think for the first time. He had lost so many memories, but what memories were they?

He thought he had hated Catherine all along.

However, why would he give her The Queen’s Necklace if he hated her?

If he despised her, would he have gone to KFC with Catherine, just like what Chester said?

It was almost noon when he returned to Hill Corporation. Sarah brought lunch.

“Shaunic, I haven’t seen you since yesterday. I miss you so much. I made lunch specially for you.” Sarah opened the food containers.

“Okay.” Shaun took a fork. Just as he was about to eat, the door was pushed open lightly. A small head appeared from behind the door.

When Shaun looked over, Suzie ran in immediately while hopping. “I missed you so much.”

She flung herself into Shaun’s embrace. Sarah lost her composure when she saw Suzie. “She… She can’t possibly be your daughter, right…”

“No, this is Liam’s daughter. ” Shaun carried Suzie onto his knees. He noticed that he could never be stern in front of Suzie. “Weren’t you at the manor? Why did you come here?”

“I came to the company with Daddy to play, but he’s busy with work. I was bored alone, so I came to find you, Uncle Shaun.”

Suzie turned her gaze to Sarah. “Is this aunty an employee of the company too?”

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