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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 721

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 721

Hadley blinked. “She’s the youngest member of the Hill family. I heard that Old Madam Hill is very delighted. The Hill family hasn’t been this lively in so long, s o I bought more gifts.“

Shaun harrumphed. “That’s not my child anyway.“

In fact, that was really his child.

Shaun walked up the stairs.

Just as he stepped into the villa, a little girl with her hair tied into two braids ran toward him.

She had her head turned as she ran and said, “The kitty ran out. I’m going after it.

“Don’t go, your wound hasn’t recovered yet.“

Lea had just finished talking when Suzie rammed into Shaun’s calves and fell on the ground.

“Little brat, look in front of you when you’re walking.“ Shaun bent over and helped her up.

Suzie looked up and saw Shaun’s face up close. It was a face that had refined and

perfectly sculpted features. He had a pair of attractive double eyelids.

Suzie had seen this face before. A few days ago, Lucas had found a picture on the internetand showed it to her.

However, after meeting Shaun in real life, Suzie realized that he looked way more handsome in person than he was in the picture. No, he was far more handsome than all the uncles around her mom.

Suzie knew that he was her scummy dad. Her scummy dad had a nice body too. His simple black shirt that was tucked into a pair of coffee-colored slacks perfectly displayed his narrow waist and long legs.

Her eyes brightened up instantly.

Although she was supposed to hate him, h e was so good-looking that she could not resist liking him.

Shaun lowered his head to look at the little girl as well. She had some baby fat on her pink cheeks and was as pretty as a cute doll.

He felt a strange familiarity and liking toward her at first glance. When he saw that her head was wrapped in bandages, he could not help but feel pity for her too.

It was a fascinating feeling. He clearly did not like kids in the past.

Maybe it was because that kid looked like him.

He could not understand it. Why did Liam’s child look so much like him?

“Suzie, are you okay?” At that moment, Lea ran over.

After seeing Shaun, Lea could not help but look at Suzie as well. She tsked. “No wonder Aunty Valerie said Suzie looks like you. She really does.”

“Granny, I’m okay. Is this Uncle Shaun?”

Suzie blinked her big eyes. “Uncle Shaun looks very handsome.”

“Yes, this is Uncle Shaun,“ Lea said while smiling.

“Uncle Shaun, I like you a lot.“ Suzie turned around and hugged Shaun’s thigh.

Shaun was stunned, and he unconsciously extended his hands to carry her. The little girl was too light, and she had a sweet milky scent.

“Eldest Young Master, these are the presents you bought for Little Miss.“ Hadley brought in a bunch of clothes and toys.

“Wow, I love them! They’re all my favorites. “ Suzie got out of his embrace. She ran over and looked through the clothes and toys. Her eyes were arched into curves as she smiled. She was grinning from ear to ear.

The corners of Shaun’s lips curved involuntarily. He thought Hadley had bought too much just now, but he suddenly felt he did not buy enough.

“You bought these?“ Lea looked at him in astonishment. “That’s rare.“

At that moment, Suzie ran to Shaun’s side. She beckoned to him with her finger. “Uncle Shaun, bend down for a bit.“

After he bent down, Suzie went on her tiptoes and gave his cheek a peck. “Thank you, Uncle Shaun.“

Shaun felt as if his heart was being squeezed by a hand at that moment.

He could not describe his feelings. He just felt like… He liked this little niece of his a lot. He had the urge to pluck the moon and stars from the sky for her if she wanted him to.

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